WLS Double Tap 281 – Aft Skin


Welcome to Double Tap, episode 281

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.



Randy M: 

People choose 6.5 Creedmoor because of mild recoil. What are the cast members thresholds for recoil? What rifle cartridge is the stoutest you can shoot “all day”?


Sebastian H: 

Hey guys, greetings from commifornia. I’ve been interested in buying my first semi-automatic rifle when I turn 21 not long from now. While I like the AR platform, Ive heard great things about the Israeli Galil, and Id really like to get one. So my questions are A: Do you guys think they are worth the money, and B: Should I choose the 5.56 or 7.62 version. Im mostly concerned with all the cheap 7.62 disappearing when the russian shipments run out. Thanks for the consistent shows guys, unlike This week in guns…..looking at you shawn.


Adam A: 

Hey you beautiful bastards, had question mostly directed at Jeremy. Can you please explain to me the differences in the production of barrels? Hammer forged, Chrome lined, different styles of rifling ect and give your opinion on what the best process is. Sorry if this is a dumbass question but when people talk about barrels, I’d like to be more knowledgeable.

Thanks, Adam.


Kaleb K: 

Referencing Jeremy and Aaron’s bug in vs bug out discussion ep.462 (Jeremy calling all his friends vs Aaron staying mobile with his family). I would think most people would relate to Aaron in that one’s immediate “fire team” would probably just include just the 2 spouses, maybe an older child. In that case, what would be the his&hers (2-person fire team) load outs for each member of the cast for a SHTF situation like the one previously discussed.

Are both partners getting ARs and Glocks to match mag & ammo compatibility ?? Or is one partners getting a DMR set-up or a shotgun to maybe provide a different role? Etc


Anonymous A: 

Hey fellas. I can’t remember if you ever confirmed the end of .224 valkyrie; I have a reliable source (me) that can confirm they haven’t run any valkyrie in over a year.


Ben V: 

Question/Update: By the way, as of this Month (July 2022) the Suicide hotline number for Text & Calls is now 988 Nationwide, way easier to remember. Thanks to you Shawn, I had already memorized both and used them to help save military friends and others lives. So thank you. My question is this, do you have any experience with the Foxtrot FM15 upper in 5.56mm? I want to get one in conjunction with my BRN180 that I have in 300blkout (thank you Jeremy) that is already setup with a Blade and triangle brace. I love that pistol setup and heard the Foxtrot was another great option for bufferless upper. Seems the cost is lower than the BRN180 in 5.56mm. Thanks and you guys got me through multiple hospitalizations recently where I died twice and they brought me back, hearing you all in my headphones keeps me sane when all I had was you and my wife to keep me going. Now that I am out of the hospital I hope to keep gun building to keep me sane lol


Mike R:

I have an sks in 7.62×39 I payed $300 for and I want to do something with it, like Sean and his shotgun only with an evil folding stock, I’ve only seen one video that shows someone that made it work but they used some stapler parts or something, not really what I want, I have some old ak-47, 60 round mags from an old project. How hard would it be to make the gun cycle with basic hand tools, Dremel, drill press, what would you use? I would like your guys opinion, I know the round isn’t favorable by most of the cast but it’s just something to tinker with, wls is life,


John R: 

Hey guys I have a question for yall pertaining to firearms and 3D printing. So Im left eye dominate and I shoot left handed even though Im right handed. So with this knowledge on the AR platform is there a lever that can be made or bought so I can hit the bolt release with my left finger making my reloads faster and easier. Kind of like a BAD lever but for the left hand if that makes sense? Thanks in advance for any advice. Except you Jeremy because youll problem just yell.


Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls



Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls





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