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Tonight we’ll give the cast members time to make the world a better place. Any idea no matter how crazy and you have 5 seconds to come up with something. The cast will then discuss the merits, how it could be done

Most important things people may not think of for road trips (Jeremifications – sprinters, RV’s, campers. You’re traveling with your normal travel partners. Trip distance is over 300 miles. Stay at destination is 72 hours or more. Normal services within driving distance of destination.)


Jack B:

There’s a guy running for office locally named Harry Hardman. I didn’t get the full impact of that name until I said it out loud. Should I vote for him?

John W:

After Jeremy was talking about coyote hunting being one of the funnest types of hunting, I wanted to know if he had any tips or info to get started on it. I want to use a 20 inch AR or a .300WM if I want to reduce it to dust, in Western NC. I’m not sure how different it is for Ohio but any insight would be helpful, as we have no restrictions in hunting them year round.

Thanks and love the show, you bunch o heatherns

Paul S:

Hey guys! (Annoying Aaron voice) Thank you for everything you guys do for the 2A community and putting out great entertaining content for the oddly perfect melting pot of geniuses and idiots that is the 2A community. My question pertains to purchasing a suppressor. I live in Iowa where we can own and hunt with them so I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting one. I like the Bowers 458 giant cock sized one for my 450 bushmaster. I hand load for it and have the Hornady FTX 250 grain bullets going about 2450 fps so I know the suppressor won’t be movie quiet, however I’d like to still get one because of the versatility of the can. My local gun shop however is full of a bunch of fudds and have no interest, or they haven’t made the switch yet, to doing the eForm submission for the paperwork. They told me I still need to make an appointment with the local sheriffs office to get finger printed and submit all the paperwork through the mail. It’s a good gun shop but I’m kind of annoyed at the fact that they seem to have little interest in making the process any easier for customers. I don’t know if they just don’t like to make money or what but I’m sure people have ran into this issue at some gun shops around the country where the workers are all fudds and don’t really seems to want to adapt to the changing market. Even after all this I mentioned getting a Bowers can but they are a dealer with Gemtech and also seemed to have little interest in helping me get the can that I want and seemed to keep pushing the Gemtech on me… therefore my question is do I still have to jump through all the hoops with this local shop or me being an Iowa resident do I still have to file paperwork through an Iowa FFL and with my county sheriff. Start a trust to bypass the sheriffs approval? Can I not say buy a can through Jeremy’s shop in Ohio? Can I fill out paperwork at a different gun shop still in Iowa but not the same county as where I reside?

I’m sure this is a very specific question for my specific situation but I can’t be the only gun enthusiast who gets annoyed by the corner we get put into when the only local gun store is filled with fudds who only carry 1911s and boast about its “stopping power.” I don’t want to bad mouth them too much cuz I used to work there part time and the crew is full of nice people but they’re stance on the second amendment can be very old head fudd sometimes. I literally heard one of the guys who works there argue with a customer about how a pistol brace on an 10” AR is an SBR. Like first, lower your voice but second, shut up. Have you guys ever ran into this kind of thing where the gun shop is all fudds and it’s really frustrating?

Thank you again and sorry for the long winded question.

P.S. Yes keep up the hunting content. Not all hunters are big gun nuts and not all gun nuts are hunters but everyone can probably learn new things from everyone in a sense. It’s good to get a perspective of someone starting new into it.


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