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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 217, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Hino–Komuro pistol



John S

Why do companies advertise the case of the cartridge when the important part is the bullet. Ranges ask if you are shooting steel but there are steel cased cartridges with lead bullets. It gets confusing. I usually look for FMJ as that means the projectile isnt going to cause damage to the ranges i go to. It gets annoying having to explain it when they just magnet test some of the ammo I use which I use anything I get ahold of these days. Why is this? Some boxes do mention bimetal on the box but that is rare. 


Jack B

6 out of 5 stars; would drink the kool aid I started listening to you guys back in October. Yours was the only podcast my wife would let me play when we were in the car together. She liked you guys enough that she asked me how to get podcasts, then went back and listened to every one she could find (dating back to 2016). Since she started that she keeps randomly asking me to get her some stuff for her guns out of the blue. After asking some questions, I always find out it came from one of your old shows. My favorite so far was the day she said out of the blue “We need to build our own ARs”. So keep being awesome. I don’t see anywhere to actually rate the show so I’m doing it like this instead. 


Sam H

Hey guys, seriously appreciate what you do. Question: Nick runs an UBR and a J P silent capture buffer system on his gucci AR build, what are your (nick) impressions? Worth the money? I too have the UBR and wondering if I should take advantage of the ability to run a A5 buffer system. Specifically the Vltor A5. Or should I stick to carbine length and upgrade to the geissele 42 or silent capture like Nick. It is on a 14.5 mid length AR. Thanks. 



What (if any) are the big differences between Second Call Defense and USCCA defense insurance? SCD seems to be the better deal financially, and USCCA seems to have more training videos available. Anything I’m missing? Also, why is A A Ron such a (British slang for cigarette)? 



Long time listener. Second time questioner. How do we feel about the surefire Warden as a substitute for a linear comp while I wait for my Surefire RC2 to get out of jail? It’s going on a BRN 180s in 223 Wilde. So that bitch might get loud. Do we like linear comps to begin with? #ImADoctor 


Jonathan R

I was watching the video of the dude bashing faces of pink headed Antifa cucks with a cast iron pan; and noticed that his vest kept giving the bad guys really good holding points to grab him. If you have kevlar or plates, then I get it, a vest is super helpful. But in close quarters, if you just have one on to hold “stuff”, do y’all think it becomes more of a detriment than useful? 


Andrew P

https://www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/icymi-history-side-republicans-filling-supreme-court-vacancy-2020 It has happened 29 times.. fuck savage fuck aaron


John T

Hello Men, and Savage! New Cult member here. Love and agree with everything Jeremy says. I want to get a. 30 caliber upper for my AR. My question is should I get an AK upper to be able to use my neighbor’s supply? Either to be used as a force multiplier or when pillaging when the need arises. Or a .300BLK? Which i can reload using spent. 223 and sparing my supply from the same thinking. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 


Dustin S

What’s up guys? My questions are probably more for Germmy, Shawn, and Nick. It’s not a radial delay blow back question, or a beetus question, so it’s not for Aaron. It’s not a commie question or a toe fungus question, so it’s not for Savage. I’m currently “building” a 10.5″ 5.56 pistol (PSA), which will be my newest HD/SHTF/post election gun. I’m looking for advice on a muzzle device (with the end goal of a can, eventually). I’m looking for noise reduction (re-direction). Would a linear comp, flash can, or something else be the answer, remembering it is a 10.5″ pistol. Lastly, this is my first AR “pistol”, so what kind of general accuracy would you guys think can be expect out to around 200ish yards? What kind of accuracy have you guys saw out of 10.5″ barrels? Thanks guys. Keep up the great show. Hashtags are for homos! 


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