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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 215, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Gurevich silent revolver



Matt Z
I have two question, first of all, what’s with Jeremy? I haven’t heard nearly as many hate filled rants from him and he has seemed down right happy. Is it the happy home that has pacified him or is it just that Aaron deciding he’s just a democratic socialist and not a full blown pinko commie? Whatever it is, good on ya, but I miss the rants. We need more pozcasts.


Secondly, my girlfriend’s son is six and I wanted to introduce him to the principals of firearm ownership and safety. I got him a Benjamin marauder pellet rifle, because worst comes to worst he hated it and I had a decent air gun. It’s great because we can shoot all day in the back yard and not piss off our neighbors and he has really enjoyed getting to learn and practice . I have an old bushnell elite tactical that’s been collecting dust for a couple of years as the glass. The main problem is that he’s a little small for his age and has a lot of trouble finding a maintaining the proper eye relief in the exit pupil. Do y’all know of any adapters that I could use to attach my phone to the objective lens to help him have a consistent cheek weld while maintain eyes on his target, record his shots, and give me the ability to see exactly what it is that he’s aiming at to help him? Also, is it even a good idea to introduce a crutch like that? My main objective is to make the experience as fun and aggravation free for him and hopefully have another 2A zealot when he gets older. I have purchased two phone mount adapters so far that have been garbage and I am tired of shelling out money for shit products. Any advice or alternatives is greatly appreciated.


Chad B

Question for uncle jeeto, I remember you saying you had a 16in brn180 upper. Would it be possible to chop that down to a 12.5 or would the piston system be in the way or would it affect the dwell time and not work. I have no experience with gas piston systems, but really want a 12.5 barrel brn180 upper. I know they have the 10.5 option for 556, but that’s not what I want.


Jon D

Hey guys, good show! About a month ago, I scored a Taurus TX22 for cheap. Like Jeremy, I picked it up and heard the angels sing. It’s become my go-to training & plinking pistol because, you know, ammo. My question is about increasing the mag capacity. There doesn’t seem to be much on the market. Tandemkross snd Galloway Precision offer +5 and +9 extensions, respectfully, but I’m not finding any aftermarket drum or extended magazines. Can anyone offer any insight or experience? With the introduction of the “competition” model I’d expect some more offerings to be forthcoming. Thanks for your time. PS I really enjoy the show, especially the latest episode of Aaron vs Jeremy. Those two need to hug it out.


Hound Dog

Have you ever heard of Pilgrim Ammunition? Can you do some testing with it to see if it is worth anything in 380? With ammo prices today I need Herrin money to be able to properly evaluate it and if it would be worth changing from the Upland Xtreme defenders I currently shoot. https://www.pilgrimammunition.com/380-auto.html


Colton B

My father in law recently acquired a H&R handy gun in 410. He had to have the barrel rifled so he had it sent off and the barrel was then lost in the mail. Were could he possibly find another barrel? So far most internet searches have come up dry. Thanks guys #Leave savage alone but also fuck savage


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