WLS Double Tap 213 – Jeremy’s Vacation



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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 213, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Curtis rifle



Mitch B

Have you guys heard of ammo subscriptions?


Hoodlums Gun Bench

Ok, so I have recently got the swampfox liberty (apparently green dot was released the following day) so I am stuck with red. I like the optic, but I am having issues with it being bright enough for the Houston Texas sun, when shooting at the range it’s nice, but with my job of being an ATM technician (fix ATMs) it’s an extremely dangerous job. I would go into more detail, but it’s not needed at the moment. Since I’ve had to draw my personal weapon on more then one occasion for personal protection at work, would it make more sense to go with the green dot version. I would like to get ahold of it for review but I honestly hate asking people for stuff, and usually just end up purchasing the products. I know you guys advertise for swampfox, and I do like the optic, but I actually see this being an issue for “duty use” it actually is hard to see the reticle. I am a fan of the optic, but would like more input from you guys.

Thanks gentlemen, and crayon eater.


Izzy S

Just getting into ARs and got a Smith and Wesson M&P Sport 2. Chose that gun because it seemed like a decent entry level AR and it was available in person near me. Any upgrades you would recommend? The one I have is the base model with no sights. I’m not above spending some money to make this a decent AR.



Hey fam,

I was looking at communication options for my larp group during the “not boog”.

What are your thought about the garmin inreach or other satellite texting devices? You had talked about HAM radio a while back, but this seems more feasible for communication with others without relying on repeaters.

Thanks for all you do,



Aiden S

What is that tattoo on Jeremy’s left arm? right arm if the camera is reversed. Ive never noticed it. Looks like a hula girl.


Tim D

I recently put a geiselle single stage trigger with a 3.5ish trigger pull into one of my ar15s. This is my first trigger with a pull weight under 6lbs. My dad and I got into an argument that he thinks it’s too light. My question is what’s y’all’s opinion on new shooters having a light trigger? Dangerous? My dad thinks it’s to easy to accidentally let a round off. What’s your thoughts?


Joe S

Hey guys, just picked up 3 stripped lowers and am starting some assembuilds. Curious what calibers you would suggest. I currently have a 5.56, a 6.5 Grendel and a .22lr for plinking. Was thinking of definitely doing a .300 blk. But what else would you suggest? Possibly a 9mm PCC? Thanks guys, love the show.


Chris W

Any of you guys have experience with black powder rifles/pistols? I wanna get into it but dont know where to start.


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# Not Guns
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