WLS Double Tap 207 – Temple of Boom



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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 207, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, Aaron Krieger, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Coffin torpedoes



Aiden B 

Hello WLS, Nick, in the Voda episode you mentioned you use Lynch as pseudoname for the show. I was just curious why you choose the name Lynch. Been meaning to ask for a while now and finally remembered to ask it after forgetting what I came here to ask. 


F/C 3A21 


Desert D. Deagleton 

It’s 2010 again and you’ve played too many video games causing you to buy Bushmaster ACR. How would you have setup your then new rifle? 


Zac C

Just recently upgraded a few things on my AR, as well as add some new accessories to it, like the Magpul B.A.D. Lever and a JP SCS. This got me thinking, are there any “non-traditional” accessories that you put onto your rifles or pistols that you swear by or really enjoy?


Matt S

What songs would be on your Boog playlist? I was just listening to War Pigs by Black Sabbath and thought it would be a good song for the boog… you know in Minecraft.


Marcelino F

Im wanting to build an AR “pistol” (12.5”)capable of harvesting a whitetail at a maximum of 200yds. For this application would you go with the 6.8 SPC II or the 6.5 grendel? Both seem to have similar ballistics, but the 6.8 seems to lose less energy with a shorter barrel.


Chris W

Have any of you guys heard of or shot a .50 gi? There is a conversation for the glock 21 and i was wondering if i should buy the parts or not.


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# Not Guns
Would you marry for money?  




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