WLS Double Tap 206 – Ten Thousand Kittens



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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 205, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, Aaron Krieger, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Operation Big Buzz



Not Sure 

Hi. My question is about the P365X. This is Sig’s latest iteration of the pistol, and essentially consists of a P365 slide on a P365XL frame. I would like the cast’s opinion regarding the best light for this gun. There don’t seem to be many options. Thanks and keep up the good work. #5Squares 


Rocket the raccoon Before Aaron blew my brains out

I’m dumb, I don’t know how an open bolt 10/22 works…please explain.

Could someone hypothetically make an open bolt Ruger PC9?


Zac C 

So I had a county cop tell me the reason the 22 lr is the most deadly round is because after it breaks the skin it ricochets off the bones and hits all the organs. This is obviously true because it came from a cop. So where’s the best place to aim to get the best ricochet and do the most damage? 


Dalton B 

Hey guys! I was looking into building a pdw style pcc. I want it to be very compact and dedicated for close quarters so the barrel length will be 8 inches or less (insert dick joke here). My original thought was to go with 45 acp but the recent 10mm hype has my interest and i was curious which of the two calibers you guys would choose. I know the popular choice is 9mm but i want to be different and also like the kinetic energy the bigger pill has to offer. Thanks for any input! 


Zach W 

I have heard members of the cast and listeners comment on how Texas gun laws suck, I am a Texan and don’t know why people say this, other than constitutional carry, which the state will be passing soon, why do people say the gun laws in Texas suck? 


Jaye K 

So I have the Kel-Tec PMR30.. I’m having feeding issues, but according to the company.. it’s a user error. If you look all over the internet everybody is having the same couple of issues.. Have any of you shot the gun or have a solution because they’re pretty much unwilling to fix it without a “fee” 


Tyler D

Hi guys! Love the show. This question is mainly targeted at Shawn, but everyone excluding Jeremey is welcome to weigh in. I came across this product on Amazon today while I was scrolling through the medical gear section. I always like to just scroll through and see what’s on sale to maybe add something to one of my 3 med kits (car, plate carrier and hunting gear) or give start building up my buddies kits. I’ll place the link to this product below, but I wanted to ask if you see any tactical application for this product. It’s basically a stitch-free minor laceration repair bandage. As you know in any combat application the goal is stop the bleed. Plug it, stuff it, wrap it, check for secondary wounds, etc and get let the real medical professionals do the rest, but this bandage seems really interesting to me as it could theoretically allow even those without the most basic of CPR training to provide a semi-permanent fix to minor lacerations. Clean it, place it, pull it and forget it. Thoughts?



Zac C 

– [ ] If you guys could only have every caliber but only 1 make and model gun or every make and model gun but in the same caliber which would you choose? (Example: all the calibers ever made but they’re all Winchester 94s or every gun ever made but they’re all in .357 mag) Also, what caliber/gun would be your choice? Thanks! 



Desert D. Deagleton 

My birthday is coming up and I need help deciding on what ridiculously expensive novelty I should buy this year. The choices are: 

  1. HK53 clone which is essentially a standard sized 8.5” barreled “MP5” but chambered in 5.56. 
  2. HK51K which is 4.5” barreled 308 in a similar form factor to the MP5K. 


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# Not Guns
If had to choose between killing 10,000 cute kittens with your bare hands, or making out with your dad for 20 mins. and getting paid 10000 dollars to do it.




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