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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 176 Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, and Jermey

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Wilson S

When building a loadout kit piece by piece, in what order would you purchase gear such as pistol, rifle, plate carrier, and so on all the way up to NVG’s. Obviously most people cannot afford to buy everything all at once, but we never know when it might be needed, so we need to prioritize our gear and purchase the essentials first before moving on to the more “luxury” items.

Mike G

Hey dudes.

I have a family member that lives up Savage’s way, and I‘m in CO. He built a lower from a P80, for himself obviously, a few years ago. He never did anything with it and is now interested in trading it to me for one of my pistols. The question is: is there a way to transfer it from an FFL in WA to an FFL in CO so I can take possession? Without a serial I imagine it can’t be logged in and out, so I’m trying to find a way to get it to me.

Is there any legal option for shipping it, or is my only option driving up there to visit them and going home with it?

Thanks for the info and the awesome show. Keep it up. #WLSislife #Aaronsacuck #savageisbetterthanAaron


Tim D

This is for Jeremy.

I grew up watching cowboy movies with my dad. This and old war movies are what got me into guns.

I am looking into buying my first revolver. For me the dream gun is a colt ssa in 45lc. But I’m young and broke. Is there a replica that you would suggest. Thanks.

Jack B

I need some advice on how to take down drones with guns I already have on hand. I figure the commercial and private drones are relatively simple, I’m more worried about the drones swarms the chinese are going to drop on us. They will be tougher and probably fly higher. I have 12 gauges, ARs, lever actions, bolt action rifles, pistol caliber carbines, a flare gun, an M1a, and an M1 Garand. There are also some pistols but I think they will be useless for this purpose. I have nothing that’s full auto but I do have an echo trigger. My first inclination is a goose gun with 3.5″ magnum 000 buck, and if that won’t reach, switch to a rifle. What are your thoughts? Any other advice?

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Just a reminder to join a gun related advocacy group (ask the guest about their state) and we always give out the Suicide prevention line, that number is 1 (800) 273-8255 or text a message to 741741

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