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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 139, Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and Jermey

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TEC9 vs MP5


Johnny Utah

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if you have a good recommendation for Glock 43 base plates. I have recently got a couple Taran Tactical ones I really like. but ever since I installed them they won’t quit asking my pistol to see “The precious,” and beg to be inserted into the pistol. It also asked if it liked to use bigger G17 mags, specificity the OEM black ones, not the Od green or coyote color But black. I find it really odd, maybe because the small 6 round mag the TTI base plate is attached to just feels inadequate?

But for real though. That video was absolutely creepy. Do you have a recommendation for a new base plate? I am not one to boycott or whatever but, I don’t even think I can look at that logo pressed against my wholesome neomag without throwing up.


Johnny Utah

Alexander the Grape

Do you see back up irons being a necessity on your rifle of choice for the next Tremors movie? I have an Elcan 1.5-6x on my AR, but the eye relief doesn’t leave room for a rear sight. I know the optic is practically bomb-proof, but without irons I’m worried my vast armies of fruits and vegetables will mutiny on me at the critical moment when we’re about to conquer the known refrigerator.

P.S. what are your favorite grapes?

Nick T

I have a P80 frame, but needs some guidance on where to start collecting parts. My understanding I need to use gen 3 parts, is this correct?

Gilligan Ice

How does one purchase a firearm from the machine gun Moses? A Michigander here.

Jono R

I’m Very close to buying rocketffl and taking the plunge. But I have a question first. Your SOT lasts from july1 to june30. $500 bucks a year, but you don’t have to wait forever for your suppressor, and no tax stamp. Consider it convenience fee. Awesome. What I’m wondering is: let’s say I get my SOT on July 5, 2020, buy two Suppressors the following week for myself. Cool. I have Suppressors. I don’t need a tax stamp carried around. I’m assuming you just have to have proof of SOT. But what happens if you DON’T renew your SOT the next year. Are you grandfathered in to having your Suppressors, or do you now have to get a tax stamp at that point? Or return them to manufacturer? Or jail? Thanks guys. Join the Cult. It’s more of a rapey family than a creepy religious group.

Jeff K

Question for the whole team. I heard Jeramy’s discussion about re-barrelling 458 SOCOM to 450 Bushmaster in Ohio because of straight case wall hunting laws, and wanted to expand on a thumper caliber.

My question, if needing a straight case wall laws did not matter, and you had to choose between building a 450 Bushmaster or 458 Socom, which would you pick taking into consideration ballistics, putting on a can, magazine differences, reloading ammunition, flexibility in ammo, etc.

Matt C

I know JCAA hasn’t been a sponsor of the show in a long time, but has the company gone belly up? I went to their website and they don’t have any products available and their social media accounts have been deactivated. The website feels like a ghost town lol. Thanks in advance!#wlsislife#ssb#brownellsbrownholes

Shotgun Her

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question on LPVO’s. If I may I have a follow up question. First, to address the points Jeremy brought up, after my eye surgery red dots are not dots for me. They are streaked or starbursts. Front sight posts are doubled and my aim point is not simply the middle. Therefore a 1x optic would be fine for hitting birds in flight or rabbits on the run. However, I would like something with some magnification as I can see a Deer at 80 yards but maybe not the sapling at 60 yards in front of it. I figured an LPVO would allow for fast target acquisition when needed and be able to shoot through the brush easier and more accurately. At the recommendation of the guys on the Gun and Gear podcast I have purchased the Atibal Striiker 1-4×24. Do you agree with this recommendation to mount on the VR80 I am hoping to purchase when my budget allows?

Aiden S

What is a law letter? I think I know but I’m not exactly sure. Why can some post 86 machine guns be sold to someone with appropriate licenses without one?

NYS FreedomFighter

What do you guys think of this new ammosquared.com? I’m building a new 308 AR10 and I’m wondering if this might be a good way to start buying ammo then exchange it for whatever I later find it shoots well. Ammo as currency sounds like a good idea.

Rodin M

Can you guys go over the process an individual or a manufacturer has to go through obtaining destructive devices. Do they fall under the same category as machine guns? Can an individual own a 40mm grenade or grenade launcher? Is it true each grenade has to have it’s own paper work. Are there transferable grenades? Does one need an additional explosives license?


Chris W

So in regards to the cuck who got everyone all riled up on Twitter, I would think that should be used as a valuable lesson of why we should be forming our own militias even if they have a bad connotation to the name. Because,if we formed our own militias we would have a group of people that knew we were reputable and could be trusted when we called them and said that stuff was going down. Even further our little militias could be in contact with other groups of people who know we’re reputable and trustworthy. That way when it is time to kick it off or at least stand up for our right we know who we can stand for and who we can trust as well we know what we are going to do. What do you guys think?


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