WLS Double Tap 010 – That deer is a baller!

Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 10, Tonight we’ll roast some nuts, we’ll answer your questions on Dear WLS, we’ll talk about NOT GUNS, and revisit past gear on gear chat revisited!


Our panel tonight, the machine gun moses Aaron Krieger, Assistant to the regional manager, Nick Lynch, Jeremy Pozderac from River’s Edge Tactical and my name is Shawn Herrin


Welcome to the show everyone.  


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Sick Burn

Dear WLS

Gear Chat Revisited

Not Guns






More gun Fails

# Dear WLS


Joshua N

What is your question? Hey WLS cast (not Jeremy, he’s. Gorilla ) I am an avid listener of your show and every other show on FRN. As a delivery driver I am in my vehicle for more than 60 hours a week, so something has to fill that time.soon to be CCW permit holder turning of age in April so I’m contemplating between the G43 ( no Jeremy not the Gweher 43 ) and the Ruger LC9s for appendix carry. This would be my first firearm purchase. In my short lived naval career I had about a half hour with a M9 that has been used more than…………… so my questions are what could you suggest to me while I make my decision, and why all the hate on my Gunshine state?


Chuck M

Dear WLS,

If your life was made into a movie, would you be the good guy or bad guy in the movie? Next, describe your “death scene.” (i.e. comfortable in bed surrounded by your loved one’s, or in a blaze of glory as the ATF comes for all your guns, or in Vegas surrounded by hookers and blow).



Can you mount a shotgun on an AR Pistol?


Kaleb K

9mm 1911’s

Which to go with Springfield Range Officer or One of the entry level Kimbers?? Or another company assuming a $1k budget?? Thanks for both of the great podcast and all the amazing content!


Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls



  1. California NY

Many of the guns they offer are California and NY complaint.





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# Not Guns
THIS WEEKS TOPIC: Now that you are so old, what do you actually want or expect on your birthday?


# Gear Chat Revisited:

  • NickLynch –
  • Savage1r –
  • Jerambe-  Pelican case
  • Aaron – USFA Zip Gun .22
  • Shawn –


Save for ep11 = 20 bucks for a sausage?



# Snap Caps, What do you know Pre-recorded segment where we ask random questions (also make Youtube Videos)

# ShenaniGUNs  (with youtube video)


Out of the 1000’s of responses we received for last weeks question Ramon Oso correctly answered the following question about the video  “Cover or Concealment, your front door” What ammo does the door protect against and what ammo does your door only provide concealment? There is so many to go through I am not going to list them all, just say Congrats to Ramon.


Okay lets have some fun with this one. To enter this week all you have to do is watch our WLS video, “Tactical Don – The Final Chapter (RubberDummies.com)” We want you to write a review of the video and submit it via Welikeshooting.com/trivia if we read yours on the air, we will send you an Autographed picture of Nick.


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