WLS Double Tap 008 – Three Musketeers

Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 8, Tonight we’ll roast the big bang, we’ll answer your questions on Dear WLS, we’ll talk about NOT GUNS, and revisit past gear on gear chat revisited!

Our panel tonight, the machine gun moses Aaron Krieger, Assistant to the regional manager, Nick Lynch, bubba gunsmith – SavageAF, Jeremy Pozderac from River’s Edge Tactical and my name is Shawn Herrin

Welcome to Double Tap Everyone.  

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Sick Burn

Dear WLS

Not Guns

Gear Chat Revisited

Florida Man


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# Dear WLS

Nathan B

What is your opinion on milled slides for red dots that come from the factory like the glock mos. Buy it from the factory precut….or get your red dot custom milled?

Chuck H

Why is Aaron still on? Can we make suggestions on reviews?

Mike I

Money being no object, and the nfa doesn’t exist, what weapon/weapon system would you buy? And Jeremy STFU about your SOT.

Pedee E

To each cast member and guest- Whats one thing people always misunderstand about you ?

Tren B

I recently cleared out my gun safe and sold some accessories I no longer wanted, but that left me with cash to spend and a delima. Should I use the money to buy a sccy cpx2 or a 3d printer?

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# Not Guns
THIS WEEKS TOPIC: If your co-hosts were a candy bars, which candy bars would They be?

# Gear Chat Revisited:

  • NickLynch –
  • Savage1r –
  • Jerambe- Rogue Juggernaut chassis
  • Aaron – Whitehat holster
  • Shawn – catamount fury


Duo Duel  



# Snap Caps, What do you know Pre-recorded segment where we ask random questions (also make Youtube Videos)

# ShenaniGUNs  (with youtube video)


Out of the 1000’s of responses we received for last weeks question no one correctly answered the following question about the video  “Walking Dead Headshots – Are they easy? How many push ups and situps did Shawn do combined? The correct answer was zero. And What is the results of all that exercise? Throwing up, while some of you got that right, you needed both to win.,For a bonus question and a chance to win a WLS Mug, what brand of gloves does Aaron have on his hands? You are correct when you said Ironclad, but again, you needed the first two to be entered to win the bonus


Okay lets try an easy one people, we are going to make it super easy. To enter this week all you have to do is watch Savage’s WLS vide, “G2 R.I.P. Ammo Test and Review” first watch the video, second leave a comment, and third, what did Savage shoot from his freezer that his wife left in there? Submit your answer via Welikeshooting.com/trivia

Wrap up


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