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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 364! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder



Josh A: Is there ever a scenario where the NRA could redeem itself? If you were in charge, how would you accomplish it?


Mike E: I believe Nick has a Mat 9 with an Aero EPC9 lower. Does the LRBHO work? I can manually lock the bolt back, but when I’m shooting it will not work. I Don’t know if it’s just compatibility with the lower issue, or if I have a problam with the upper.




K Oswalt: Shawn you talk about the blue alpha Fanny pack quite a lot which i appreciate, and i get the fact they are a sponsor, but have you tried any other companies options? Like the 945 industries or the abundance of 5.11 or vertx option.


JD R: Looking for first deer rifle for my 11 year old grandson probably no shots over 200 yards


Tyler H: Sup goons I am a poor I just got a Springfield prodigy 1st what the fucks wrong with the cut every thing should just be RMR from that what optic should I go with under 500$


Jack MeHoffalot: I think I know why the Toyota Hilux truely won’t get sold here in the US. It’s because we’ll mount technicals to them. With that said, if they were to get sold here in the US what gun(s) would you mount to yours?

Thanks another borthers for your cervix to the gun industry.


Mitch B: Hey shit birds!!! I want to build a 458 ar but the weakness of the bcg worries me. My question is could you do a 458 build in ar10 platform so that the bcg will have a better chance of lasting or am I just dumb?


Jason S: Deal WLS, my question is. What are the differences of weapons lights? Is it necessary to buy a 300 dollar surfire XH30, trl1 for 87 at my local big box store, or an Olight PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie. The options are too many to really know what to buy. I do not want to spend 300 but 150 would be okay for me. This would be for home defense and carrying purposes. Thank you to the best damn gun podcast ever.

Regards Jason


Winner: Josh A


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Wrap up 


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