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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 363! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Policy and Powder



Adam W: If you are building an AR-10 in 2024, are you still going with .308 or would you move on to more modern cartridges? If so, which cartridge would you pick?


David D: Hey guys, was talking with one of my buddies about different ammos and 300 blk came up and he told me that it performs better suppressed rather than unsuppressed. Is this true? I’d like to hear opinions on this. Thanks guys!


Typical PNWGuy: As I’m sitting here thinking about my pathetic existence in WA state I got quadcurious. What are each one of y’alls personal goals/aspirations in your personal, professional (work), the podcast, and firearm stuff for the next 3-5 years?

Btw I’ve hit a new benchmark for episodes I’ve listened to, 1,200. So thank you for all the earpussy orgasms. As always, thank you daddy cult leaders.

Ps Shawn, keep practicing those ssb exercises.


Slow One: Did true shot leave on good terms? How do you define a friend? Not sure if I need to off myself if I don’t have any. Have family but not sure on friends. So checking if I need to change some acquaintances to friends.


Rodin: Oh, Jeremy, dear Jeremy, pray tell, why dost thou spurn the illustrious P7 series of pistols, crafted with meticulous precision and revered by aficionados worldwide? Is it the audacity of its engineering prowess, or perchance the audaciousness of its ergonomic design that so offends thy sensibilities? Could it be the crispness of its trigger pull or the harmonious marriage of form and function that fails to impress thy discerning eye? Pray, enlighten us, Jeremy, for in thy disdain lies a mystery as perplexing as the riddle of the Sphinx! Is it the renowned reliability of the gas-delayed blowback system that rankles thy very soul, or perhaps the ingeniousness of the squeeze-cocking mechanism that fails to elicit even a modicum of admiration from thy jaded palate? Verily, Jeremy, dost thou not marvel at the ingenuity of Heckler & Koch, masters of firearm craftsmanship, who hath bestowed upon thee a masterpiece of German engineering? Or perchance thou art a connoisseur of mediocrity, content to wallow in the mire of conventional firearms whilst eschewing the sublime elegance of the P7? Pray, Jeremy, do tell, what grievous sin hath the P7 committed in thy eyes? Is it its unapologetic excellence, its unwavering commitment to perfection, or simply the envy it inspires in lesser firearms? Oh, Jeremy, how dost th#ou reconcile thy disdain for such a peerless creation? Is it ignorance or arrogance that guides thy hand, forsooth?


Josh A: Is there ever a scenario where the NRA could redeem itself? If you were in charge, how would you accomplish it?


Mike E: I believe Nick has a Mat 9 with an Aero EPC9 lower. Does the LRBHO work? I can manually lock the bolt back, but when I’m shooting it will not work. I Don’t know if it’s just compatibility with the lower issue, or if I have a problam with the upper.




K Oswalt: Shawn you talk about the blue alpha Fanny pack quite a lot which i appreciate, and i get the fact they are a sponsor, but have you tried any other companies options? Like the 945 industries or the abundance of 5.11 or vertx option.


Winner: Josh A

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Wrap up 


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