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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 362! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!



Ligma Taint: I will be hunting up in Montana later this year and got a 10mm glock. I was wondering what brand/type of ammo do you reccomend for protection from brown bears and the feminist that will be hanging out with them?Also what type of holster setup would you reccomend. I regularly train from appendix carry and 3oclock OWB, but most hunters I’ve seen do chest carry. Thanks!


Jesse B: Dear Shawn and WLS crew,

I heard you talking a while back about cowboy action shooting.

Come to Billings Mt this July for the SASS cowboy and Wild Bunch state championships hosted by the Montana Territory Peacemakers. It would make for a great segment on the podcast or just shoot a great match with us.

Give it some thought

Love the show, here’s the link

Hope to see you there

Jesse B aka Hoss Shoer


Aaron is a Fed: Hey guys,

One of the kids at work is just getting into firearms and he came to me with a weird question that got me thinking. If you put the end of a rifle barrel in let’s just say a hogs ass and pulled the trigger would it suppress or damage the rifle? On top of that if it would suppress could you register that hog as a home made suppressor?

Keep up the good work.


Adam W: The new Shadow 2 Compact came out and a lot of people are now talking about wether or not a firing pin block is necessary on a carry gun. Do you see this as being a necessary safety on a carry gun?


Shaquille Oatmeal: Does anyone remember the 9mm from Franklin Armory (?) that wasn’t semi-auto, because it pulled the bolt back with each trigger pull and basically slam-fired each round? Did that ever see the light of day after that one SHOT show? And if it theoretically did, it would be a decent suppressor host, right?


Chris K: What are the casts thoughts and opinions on the BRN-180 rifles? Are they accurate? Or just range blasters? Any value over a quality standard AR-15?


Brad C: Hey guys just wanted to see what your options on this matter was, I had a coworker upwards of 80 years old that is still working, we began talking about guns and the second amendment, he states that the second amendment is only written for a state militia and is not a right for a regular civilian. What would you guys say to him besides calling him a dumbfuck who can’t read? Thank you guys for the entertainment while I work. C u next Tuesday!


Remy J: Imagine the cast is knee deep in the frontier of America in the mid to late 1800’s. What is the kit each cast member would want for hunting, self defense, etc (ex. Firearms, blades, transportation, etc). Also I’m a new viewer and this podcast tickles my man ussy in just the right way. Keep up the great advice and entertainment, best of wishes from the Hoosier state!


Winner: Aaron Is A Fed

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