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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 359! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!



Eric J: Question about trying to SBR one of my favorite commie guns. I’m wanting to SBR a Vz 61, and I’d like one with a threaded barrel so I can use a suppressor if I want to. I learned that the threaded 61s made by Czechpoint and CSA use a barrel with a larger outer diameter than the standard barrels so they can use 1/2×28 threading and suppressors can index off of them. To your knowledge, does the standard barrel fit so tight in the stock that a larger barrel wouldn’t allow the stock to fold, or do you think it’ll still fold just fine? Thanks for any input you might have.


Tyler P: Howdy cast of WLS. I recently finished building a 14.5″ GPR build in 5.56. I have an AB suppressor, Holosun laser, bright flashlight, nice trigger, furniture etc. In terms of optics I settled on a Swampfox Arrowhead with a RMR style dot mounted at 12 o clock, and thermal clip-on capabilities. In other words, my dream rifle come true. However to have it combat ready, I have a problem. I zeroed this rifle @100 yards with 62gr M855 ammo (for Minecraft purposes), but for the effort of being flexible I carry two ten round magazines with specialty ammo. This might be 77gr OTMs or 50gr Frangible rounds. How would I go about finding precise calculations to determine my MOA adjustment from 62gr M855 to another round to adjust my scope? I know I could do this by trial and error but I don’t get to shoot past a couple hundred yards often. I’d like to be able to have an idea of where I’m going before trying to confirm @ 500 yards. Also, any other ideas for spare ammo types (5.56) you would carry if you had to chose one? Thanks guys


The OG Weiner: If someone wants to suppress a 9mm handgun without using a booster are there any options besides the HiPoint YC9 and Beretta M9A4?


John D: My questions is, can you stop saying ear pussy? It’s truly offensive. I’d much rather hear ear twat, ear cunt, ear vagina, ear south mouth , etc. Thank you for taking the time to consider this. In all seriousness, love the show.


Spencer C: Comment first.

You were asking for glove box guns. My go-to for the last decade or so has been a Ruger LCP I or II in a ‘wallet’ holster. One of the ones that prints like a wallet.

My question is…

If you could pick any woman to be another co-host on WLS, who would it be?

And NO, it can’t be Lil (we miss you).


Tactical Terry: I’m planning to go elk hunting in Montana next year and was wondering if an AR10 in .308 would work. I want to do this because my apocolypse gun is an ar15 and I would like to semi LARP during this hunt so I want something as close to my ar15 as possible. If it’s feasable what brand AR10 would you recommend around the $1500 range? The guy I’m going with says most shots are sub 400 yards. Thanks.


Zachary V: Getting a big bonus from work and decided to spoil myself a bit with a higher end pistol. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 options. First option is a fully customized cajunized cz shadow 2 optics ready with all the bells and whistles. Second option is a staccato CS which would go with the staccato P I already have but would be stock. The third option is a fully customized cajunized cz 75 SP 01 tactical. All in all they are around the same price with the shadow 2 being the most expensive by around $200. Since it will probably get asked use case is range gun/ maybe competition in the future.for the czs and if I go the staccato route would be a carry gun . Thanks and I apologize for any grammar errors in advance.


Nick G: Hey what’s up my fello dudes…. I’m looking

To purchase my first high end ar15 what would be y’all’s go to or should I just shut up and through my money at Daniel defense. Ps I wanna run suppressed seeing as how I’m here in the lone star state


Winner: Eric J

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