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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 358! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!
Policy and Powder
Jared P: This is more of a question for Jeremy. During the apocalypse times since you came up with the concept of SSB I assume you were going to take ownership of Shawn and pimp him out. How much is the 30 minutes worth a box of 308? how much is it for an afternoons worth maybe a gallon of gas or diesel? How much time do I get a box of 500 .22 shells. How about for a whole rifle could me and my hood rat friends take him for the night as long as we promise the hose him out and feed him when we’re done.

Can you please let me know the conversion rate from ammo to pleasure or has to pleasure

Sorry Shawn but not sorry this is for the good of the group

E. Rex Shawn: Dear WLS,

How hot is the Hot-Guy Hand Loader ? I’ve hear his name a lot and I’m curious if you guys think he deserves that title. Or, does he have that name because he exclusively hand loads hot guys.

Also, what’s our stance on leaving an A2 front sight/gas block on an AR with an LPVO? Aesthetically, I love it, especially when I had a carry handle sight but currently, it serves no purpose. Before you tell me, “whatever works best for you, bruh” please just tell me what’s right or wrong.


Dave D: Dear WLS,

New listener here and absolutely love the show. I’m a poor with some machining background and I’m looking to build an AR15. What route would you guys go? I’m trying to stay below $1000 at first and will upgrade more as more funds become available. Keep up the awesome work!


Joe S: Hey guys. Looking for a little incite here. I currently reside behind enemy lines in Washington state. Before all of the restrictions dropped, I was happily assembuilding ARs. One of my favorite hobbies. I did pretty well on wrapping things up before “laws” passed but I still have a stripped lower just hanging in limbo. I’ve considered doing a bolt action AR build with it but am unsure. Just wanted to get any thoughts or suggestions you all might have. What would you do with it.

Thanks. Love the show.

Marshall A: What’s up dudes. Love the show!

I’m wanting to purchase a suppressor that runs .308 and .556 well.

From my little research I think Huxwrx Flow 7.62 TI would be a really cool suppressor that I could run on my AR-15 and AR-10.

The meat of my question is the following: Are there any drawbacks to using a .308 can like the Flow TI on a .556? Because if I’m being honest most of my shooting is .556 and not .308. Thanks!


Keith M:

Hey y’all, love listening to the show. I have a “mid-1940’s” savage .22 bolt action and would like to put a suppressor on , As I don’t want to ruin the original historic value and have the tapered barrel threaded , Who makes a slip on screw down adapter for rifles like this ? Thank you all, except Aaron.


Mike H; I’m thinking of getting a pof renegade +, what’s y’all’s thoughts on pof, also I’m looking into getting a shadow systems which one would yall prefer for edc…thanks and god speed Jeremy‘s diabolical butt hole


Duke of Crude: Hey fam,

So a couple of friends of mine got those Samson folding stocks for their mini-14s and added a scout rail with a red dot.

Now I’m as jelous as I am broke.

I want to do a similar set up for my m1 carbine but wanted to put a magnified scope/red dot to better utilize the gun. Do you know of any fixed power (5X or below) red dots that have long eye relief? I thought the prism red dots from swamp fox had eye relief but wasn’t 100% sure if you could use them for a scout rifle set up.

I was also hoping to add a flashlight with mount to the rail and didn’t know if you had recommendations for a mount that would come off of the top rail like that but would not inhibit the sight picture?

Thanks for your help!

P.s. what is the secret handshake to let Jeremy know we listen to the show when we go visit his store? Do I need to go to the animal shelter to bring him more property as a peace offering?


Winnder: Jared P


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