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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 356! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder



Mike N: 

What is the cringiest gun culture?

Parasocial personality worship – gun bunnies – dunning krueger – low effort political commentary

Rusty S: 

So is it legal now to put a brace on a Mossberg 590s or Remington Tac 14? With the inconsistency of brace legality that keeps going back and forth, this shit is ridiculous. I came across information on some forums that braces on these mini shotguns are now illegal, but I can’t find it on the ATFs website. So is this internet nonsense that it’s illegal to put a brace on the fun size firearms?


Richard Hardner:

I’m new to the world of suppressors. I’ve seen that there are rifle cans and pistol cans. What is the difference? Would there be a problem putting a rifle can on a pistol or a pistol can on a rifle? Thanks for your expertise.


Canadian Dirt Farmer:

Hey guys, I started listening about 8 years ago and never miss a show. The Canadian voting system is basically a “first past the post” parliamentary setup(fucking Brits). Population density is king (city’s are a cancer) and not a true representation of the bulk of the people who actually make the country work.

I live in Canada’s Texas, Alberta. “Fuck Trudeau” stickers have made people rich here. Trucks are actually wrapped in it.

Our “Dear Leader” made me, and a couple hundred thousand others, a criminal three years ago. I have Thousands of dollars of guns locked in a safe by law and nothing has been done to “buy” them back.

If you have any questions about how this fucked up Candanavian shit show works just ask.

You all rock in your own fucked up ways 🙂


Mitch C:

Just listened to the episode where Shawn mentioned how pleasantly surprised he was with the Arken Optics Zulus HD. I’d like to get in to the day/night and night vision scopes and would rather not blow a load right away. I see the Sightmark Wraith 4k Mini often and remember Shawn talking about that one a while back. Which one of those options would you pick or is the there another one in that category that you would recommend more keeping the sub $1000 price range in mind. I know…I is poors. But just for now. Love you guys and thanks for all the info.


Bradley C: 

Looking for a red dot with a magnifier for my first ar-15, currently in the process of building it, but still deciding on brand to go with. Before y’all say it no I don’t want a LPVO.


Phil McCracken:

You guys keep talking about your apocalypse teams, other than the others on WLS what other hosts from the FRN would you want on your team.


Josh B

Hey guys. I was at one your buddies gun shops. And he showed me a can cannon that you sent him with a fisting dildo. My question is. Who’s is this? I’m guessing nicks because he has no sphincter muscles. But could be Aaron’s. Because well it’s Aaron. Just wondering if you guys pass this around the group. Enjoy the show.


Winner: Richard Hardner


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