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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 353! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder


AJ Lickalottapus: 

Oil Can suppressor, My understanding of these (other then that do not work very well) is that you have to Form 1 the adapter as the suppressor, then you can change out the oil filters (can) as they are used and damaged. This being the case, why not use this same standard with other suppressors? If I have an registered adapter, Shouldnt I be able to swap out the “can” (everything from the adapter forward) whenever I need to change the size of the can for whatever reason? Or if the “can” is damaged, just go to the local gun shop an buy the replacement, screw it onto the adapter thats on my firearm and continue enjoying freedom? Using it in this manor, I would only need a few registered adapters for my fire arms, and I could have multiple size cans to fit that adapter.

Note that when I refer to the suppressor as a “can” im not talking about an oil can, but a professionally created and assembled Can that would attached to a registered “adapter” for the firearm.


Yo. What’s up guys, and person who got Walker Texas Ranger-ed by an Ostrich.

Listening to the ballad of Kevin made me think of how funny it might be to take audio snippets out of the show and play them completely out of context.

“No I’m not in. Nevermind I lied.”

“Fuck. Maybe I am in?”

[long sigh]

“No I’m out.”

35min 49 sec ballad of Kevin

Was Shawn’s penis ever in? Was he even talking about a penis? Nobody knows!

This excites the 12 year old boy inside me (yes Shawn, you’re now in)

Zeke L:

Love the show guys, even A-RON most of the time. Do you have any manufacturers to recommend for personal body armor? Where is the technology at in this industry? Soft vs Hard plates for level III protection? A general discussion of body armor would be great. Thanks

Joe E: 

Looking into SBR’ing a ps90 and a Beretta PMX. Does having a tax stamp override 922r parts counts?

Also I’m listening to WLS547 and WTF if wrong with Aaron? He’s pissed about a fee from a FFL for transferring NFA items? Does he eat paint chips, butt chug flint water?

Thanks for the reply, no Aaron you don’t need to chime in.

Duke of Crude: 

Hey fam!

Does anyone have a glove box gun that specifically lives in the car 100% (like if you forgot your carry gun)? I have grown up around always having a s&w model 36 in every can my family has had.

For this application (only accessories being a speed loader/spare mag and a holster) would keeping a snub nose 38 be better or sub compact single stack (Glock 42)? what carry pistol would you think would be ideal for under $400.(I know model 36s aren’t really under $400 anymore but let’s grandfather them in for the sake of this scenario.)

Thanks for the laughs!



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Wrap up 

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