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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 352! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder


Scott M: 

I’m looking for an appendix carry holster that will allow my shirt to be tucked in, I currently use a Black Rhino acs holster and really like it but I’m not sure they have an option to allow a shirt to be tucked in. Any suggestions? LOVE THE SHOW! THANKS FOR THE TIME AND EFFORT THAT IS PUT INTO IT!

Jason S: 

I was wondering how you guys felt about hydraulic buffers in ar style rifles? my biggest concern is that it’s not going to function correctly in cold weather hunting down to 10°f


Hey lads, as I have become tired of being mostly made of fat, I have decided to start the horrible activities known as “exercise”. I have been jogging and am looking for the best way to carry while doing so. I’ve tried a generic Fanny pack but do not like how it flops around. Long shot, but does the cast have any advice on how to best carry while running/jogging or just exercising in general? Thanks


Does the cast have a bugout vehicles? If so what is it and why is it your bugout vehicle? Modifications, off-road ready? Etc

If the bugout vehicle is different than your daily, have you made any modifications to your daily to make it more post apocalyptic ready?

Dan D: 

If you could spend a range day with any person from history, who would that be and why?

Andrew B:

 I’ve been really impressed with the 3D printing Savage has been doing (really badass shit).

My question is to Savage – If you were replacing your current setup, what 3D printer setup would you buy if you had an extra grand or two sitting around to get the ideal setup? Also, how big of a deal is it to use these programs with a Mac?

Driller Deeply:

I want to dip my toe into some long range shooting and am looking for a little advice. Before I fully commit to a bolt gun I’ve decided to assemble a 20″ 6.5cm upper for an existing Aero M5 I have, now I’m looking for a nice two stage trigger and glass to finalize it. I’d like to have 1000yd potential, would the Swampfox Warhawk 5-25 or the like be a good choice? Mils over MOA? I’m completely grabbing at straws here but eventually this optic may find its way to a bolt gun of a different caliber. As far as a trigger, all I really have experience with are the single stage cassette style. Thanks in advance, Chris.

P.S. I should have put long range shooting into the ‘topic suggestions’ when I filled out the survey, pencil that in for me.

Mike G: 

Hey fellers. I’m looking to buy my first can. The Aklys Defense Atlas 30 caught my eye as something that might work for 3-400 rounds of spraying and prairie dog praying, or 50-100 rounds of .30-06 in a session. No Dave, not during pronghorn hunting… Are there other options in this range you can think of? Other thoughts? Opinions? Thanks guys. Keep up the nonsense.

Peter J: 

If you bought a stock Aero AR15 what are 3 improvements would you make? It has stock trigger, iron sight and A2 bird cage

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