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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 351! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Jon G

Hey guys, I was wanting your opinions on a good pistol optic and light, was thinking the sentinel II from Swampfox and the tlr7 sub from streamlight but wanted your thoughts before I committed to those. Love what yall do, Keep up the good fight. #SSBmeansSeansSmoothBalls

Andrew C: 

Hey guys,

Another can question for ya. I am looking for another can, but this time around I am looking for a light weigh/shorter can for my hunting rifles. My Sig SRD works great for 300 BLK as well as the hunting rifles, but its too long and heavy in my opinion for this use case. This would be used on a 30-06, 6.5 Creed and 7 PRC. I would also like to be able to use it on my 300BLK & 5.56 guns ocasionally to mag dump into trash and what not. Ideally this new can would be sub 10 oz and less than 8″ but what say you? Hoping to spend sub 1K all said and done, but I know I may have to bump that up a tad since Ill probably be getting into the Ti models.

Any experience with the Banish line of suppressors and have any of you used Silencer Central? My last 3 cans were through Silencershop, but the pay as you wait function on SC is pretty enticing, especially for the more expensive cans, and with this one I am not really in too much of a hurry (which I have heard their process inherently takes a bit longer).

Jeremy, have you seen form 4 trust/Ind. wait times start to drop, or are we still looking at fucked up long ass wait times? I want my Mask out of jail already… haha

Last question… do you guys recommend (or use) dedicated firearms insurance? I am thinking it may be a good idea to get some as my arsenal of NFA items, custom rifles/AR’s, etc. grows. I have been looking at SCI, but this is new territory for me.

Enough questions… thanks gents.


  1. S.: 


I was planning on doing a dumb thing. I bought a pump shotgun for $40 and have been fixing it up and making it the most disgusting looking shotgun ever. I was thinking about modifying the foreend to be able to attach an Altor as a vertical fore grip. Would attaching that make it an SBR/SBS? Technically it’s a rifled 2” barrel with a stock, but also a 28” smooth bore. Just trying to do something retarted, not trying to catch a felony.

Thanks G.S.

Spenser F: 

Are the century arms AP5 magazines reliable in the New Frontier Armory lowers with the MAT-9 upper?

Mata Door: 

Recently picked up a Matador MAT-9K, I am in need of some optics/sight suggestions. I do have astigmatism, so most dot sights are out of the question. What sight would you put on a PCC, assuming a maximum range of 50 yards? Also, what pistol brace would you run? It should be attachable to the picatinny rail on the lower, and foldable.


D Urungis: 

Howdy Gents, I am building up my first PSA dagger. The stock trigger works well enough but it’s like bathing Aarons grandma. You make boob contact but it’s through a bunch of sponge… Do you people upgrade your Glock or Glock clone triggers? If so which ones do you use?

Combat Soup: 

Hello from the Denver airport, great mountains you get here Shawn. Just wanted to say hi but here’s a simple question. How do you all transport hot suppressors home?

Donald C: 

A little background first, I find myself slaving away lovingly at my local gun shop, we sell a few suppressors here and there, and historically the turn around times are 4-13+ months. Last week we had 3 approvals on cans submitted less than 60days, and one less than 45 days.. In addition to this, I saw evidence online of a one day approval for a normie, (that’s a non military, or LEO individual ).. I feel like this should make me happy they they are getting off their asses and doing their job proper.. But, realistically it actually gives me an uneasy feeling. My question is do you and the cult view this as a good thing? or that there is an alternative motive for the short approvals? And Since obviously they can approve things quickly, why not adopt this as a new standard?


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