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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 350! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Crypto Redneck: Happy Monday boys, I have a med kit question for you. As I get older, I’m getting hurt more often. I have med kits in the house and in my truck but I need to build one specific to my garage. Garage injuries tends to be cuts and burns [both fire &chemical] etc. I have a 1 foot by footand a half cabinet…. what would you put in it? link


Bret E: First suppressors in jail, but while I’m waiting, have been looking into a couple hosts and would like the thoughts of the crew. Going to keep both cans direct thread. Have a Dead Air Nomad LTi .30 cal that will primarily be used for hunting, with a little long range target as this one has some temperature limits. The other is the Dead Air Primal(.460, full auto rated, no barrel length or temperature restrictions). The Primal will be the do all until I can go after a couple more cans.

That said, I have a few hosts I’m looking at for a shorty potentially home defense, but primarily super quiet short range boomstick. Will you share thoughts on the following?

CMMG Dissent .300 blk

PTR 9C vs PTR 9K

Sig Spear LT .300 blk


Wide array of price, but willing to wait a bit longer to save for the pricier. I know the Mat9 has a 1/2×28 thread. Looking to stay with the 5/8×24 to cover more of my current. Any way to re-thread/re-barrel the mat9?

Super important question, also…crunchy Cheetos or puffs for each of you?


Bill P: Looking to purchase my first 3D printer. Budget is around $4k for a full setup.

Looking for suggestions on what printer/filament is best for Glock’ish frame builds and for any recommended training/Utube videos a new guy like me could take to better prepare for the printer- simple stuff even a troglodyte like Aaron could understand. Finally, where is a good site to download some good files for printing?


Jeff W: I’ve read conflicting articles about barrel break-in. What are your thoughts on barrel break-in for pistol length semi-auto carbines and pistols? I’m building a 9 inch 5.56 and planning on an 8 inch 300 blackout upper down the road. Both will be suppressed.


Treylock BDR: Built my wife a 16inch Hanson AR. Blackout defense 4.5lb trigger. Ive had her on scalarworks iron sights but she’s wanting to get into magnification, I had a slx 3x on an ADM mount and she wasn’t a fan of it. Would you recommend an arrowhead 1-6 BDC or what would have a better “eye box/eye feel” she’s only 5’2″ so she’s got those savage arms. She’s using this as a range and home SHTF. Love the show. I’ve listened to every episode while out delivering mail. Unfortunately my coworkers are commie fags and have no interest in our right. any input would really help. I’m not worried about price I just want to get what would be best for her. #SSB#Gas Line POPPER


Paul Smenis: Dear Penthouse,

I am a nubile 20 year old coed who needed a roommate to help pay for expenses. I asked all of the applicants the following.

If you were rendered impotent and/or sterile, which of your co-hosts would you choose to carry on your bloodline, and why did your spouse or significant other say Jeremy?


Paul Smenis



Prize Winner: Bill P

Submit your questions to



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