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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 348! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder


Zac C: 

A few years ago my dad gave me his Winchester Ranger 30-30. This gun had been my dad’s hunting rifle for years and, using his words, he’d rather still be alive and see me and my children use it than wait till after he’s dead. With that said, over the past few hunting seasons, I have noticed something strange. After every sit, I will unload the bullets from the rifle and put them in my pocket to use the next time, so the same cartridges over and over again. At the end of last season, I noticed that all the bullets seemed to have receded into the casing about a 1/8th of an inch. I chalked this up to having to cycle the rounds out of the gun to unload it but set those cartages aside just in case. Now this year, using the same manufacturer of ammo but a different lot, I am seeing the same thing, but this year I have been very careful unloading the rifle to see if that was the problem. Is this an issue with the gun or with the ammunition? I typically will load 5 rounds into the tube and then rack one round into the chamber once I am in my hunting spot. Also, is the ammunition that has been recessed still fine to shoot, or at least plink with or should I just retire those rounds?

RJ Y: 

I am looking to build my son a AR varmint rifle probably in 22 arc with a proof research barrel. What I’m wondering is your thoughts on a good striped upper and lower to start with? Wanting to build a premium rifle.

Not a fed for real: 

I’m moving out of my shit ass state Illinois in 4 months to Central Wisconsin. Where I’m moving to is pretty rural and has a few Fudd gun clubs, that whole Shawns cowboy shooting events to paint a picture.

I’m an avid gun enthusiast who goes to the range frequently and is a member at multiple gun ranges, I participate in gun competition steel shoots and other events.

With moving to a completely different state, I’m going to lose all of this gun culture networking.

I don’t want to come across as a Fed and start asking gun shops where do gun people hang out and where do they like to trian at?

Do you have any advice on how to get acclimated with people of my interest of shooting competitions, and like minded people? Can you really trust people on forums like reddit and other online outlets?

Jason S: 

would you use this stick grip on any gun?

Chris K: 

I’m in the market for a 30 cal hunting suppressor. I do not need mag dumps or full auto rated, but I would like the lightest weight as possible without sacrificing the sound suppression effectiveness. HUB mount would be a major plus. Also something that has minimum barrel lengths on the shorter side for smaller rounds like 5.56/6.8 SPC would be very beneficial. What would be your suggestions?

Desert D Deagleton: 

I want a 6” barreled 22lr target revolver. I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Colt Officers Model Target/Match and the S&W K22 Masterpiece. Which of these 2 would you choose? I would consider others but I’d like to keep it below $1k as I’d just buy a Colt Diamondback to complete my snake collection or a Korth Sport for the prestige if I was spending more.

Brad B: 

I bought a SilencerCo. Hybrid 46M without doing my research several months ago (pause for Jeremy to call me a dumbass…) and now it seems like every episode you guys talk about how the ASR mounts are trash. Can you elaborate? Does it not lock properly? Fall off the gun? Anything I can do to improve it, considering wait times and cost of buying a new can.

Thanks for making about half my commutes more bearable for the last decade.

Sciurus Suchus: 

What is the exchange rate of Cloacas to SSBs?

Richard Cranium: 

In a recent episode Shawn said it’s gay to sell a gun but also occasionally says he has certain guns that suck and are terrible to shoot. I have heard many other gun people make similar claims. My question is why would you hold on to something you don’t like when it seems like it would be a better option to sell it and put that money towards something better? I understand if it is something sentimental or something passed down through the family but hanging on to something that will not get used and is just cluttering up the gun safe seems ridiculous to me. Thanks.

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