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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 346! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Prostate Pimp: Salutations,

I was going through my preps for the apocalypse and got to thinking about apocalypse currency, specifically the SSB. I was hoping you guys could answer some questions so I can set up my post apocalypse portfolio.

First, what denominations would the SSB use for purchasing items? Would it be a specific number of thrusts or something larger like number of client completions (or Shawn completions if they are into that). Could sweet sweet cloaca be used as a smaller denomination?

Secondly, how would you handle apocalypse inflation? I figure after enough purchases the SSB would be so gaped and fluid filled that it would only be an SB or just a B. Would you then have to ease up on purchases to reduce market volatility, allow the economy to recover, and elasticity to return?

Lastly, how would loans work? What would you do if there was a run on the bank? Are SSB deposits FDIC insured?

Sorry for the long question but it’s my fiduciary responsibility to make sure these get answered.

Respectfully yours,

Benjamin Dover

Robert S: I know they are discontinued but was wondering if any of you have any knowledge or opinions on the Thompson center contender/encore or the new SSK50.

Combat Wombat: Probably a question for Jeremy. I got an old 6mm remington rifle from my dad. Don’t know too much about the caliber. I guess he won the rifle from his varmint hunting group back in the late 70s or early 80s. It has a Mauser bolt, canjar trigger, tiger stripe maple stock, super old leupold scope, and shoots smoother than Shawn’s cancerous ballsack. I was debating on cleaning it up and using it for coyotes again. Here’s are my questions.

Is the 6mm remington (.244) an obsolete round? From what I can tell it’s very similar to the famous .243 but has a little more room in the case. Why was the .243 so much more successful? Has the emergence of all the new 6mm and 6.5 rounds killed 6mm remington for good? Is it worth cleaning up or should I say “fuck it” and just go pick up a 6mm creedmore.

Any information you have stored in that autistic brain of yours is appreciated, and tell A-aron to shut the hell up until you finish your thoughts.

Thank you guys for all that you do, except for savage…… fuck communism.

Chris K: I’ve been thinking about a 450 Bushmaster AR15 pistol build. I have this strange urge for a thick brush deer and pig thumper with an AR. Living in the south, this type of hunting is pretty common. While I have been googling around the internet, it appears that besides Bear Creek it’s tough to find a 10.5-12.5” 450 bushmaster pistol barrel. Let’s just say I don’t want BCA anything and leave it at that. So that got me to thinking, if I’m gonna have a short custom built, why not do it on the AR10 platform. My thinking is that the 450 bushmaster uses the same case head/bolt face as a .308 so a standard AR10 bcg could be used. Doing the larger case head on the AR10 would save the bolt wear/breakage that is possible on the AR15. I know the entire platform would be slightly larger and heavier vs an AR15, but I’m ok with those downsides as it would soak up a little more recoil. While googling though, I found that absolutely no one on the internet has ever talked about a 450 bushmaster on the AR10 platform. Do you think this is just because it was designed for the AR15 or is there something I’m missing that just wouldn’t allow this to work? I know 450 bushmaster will feed from a 308 AICS magazine, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t feed from a 308 AR10 magazine, but perhaps that’s the hang up. I look forward to hearing your discussion on the topic, and I can’t wait to hear Jeremy tell me how dumb the idea is.

#wlsislife #ssb #neverforget171

Frank J: I am looking at getting into comms, I don’t have a huge budget but definitely don’t want to go cheap. What do you guys recommend? Also I have a math question. If Jeremies fist is traveling at 15ft per second and Aaron’s face is traveling towards Jeremies fist at 10ft per second while Savage is two knuckles deep in his left nostril, how long will it take for Shawn to finish a hunting story? Thanks for all the entertainment and information.

Gr St: Howdy, I was looking into attaching an Altor to the pump of one of my shotguns, for shits n giggles. If I did that ‘in Minecraft’ would I be making an sbr? It would be a 2” barrel and would be attached to a firearm with a stock but it also has a 28” barrel. Or would it only be a an sbr when the shotgun barrel is removed? Second question why does the atf want us to not have any fun?

Keep it up, Aaron is secretly homosexually attracted to Nick.


Clark J: I know you guys were hating on the new banish speed k can so I thought this may be an interesting topic for discussion.

I have a yhm turbo k can, it’s a 4.5” x 1.5” 5.56 can, and on my 14.5” AR (assault rifle, jk Jeremy don’t stroke) it’s comfortable to the ear as long as the gun is gassed correctly and the ammo isn’t super spicy.

I say that because that silencer central banish speed k is a 4” x 2” suppressor that they advertise to be hearing safe at the ear, and I’m inclined to believe them, as not only does it have the same volume as a typical 5.5” can but shorter cans also decrease the dwell time thus push less gas back through the ejection port creating less port pop.

So my question is why not build short fat rifle silencers that have equal volume to their full length skinny counterparts?

Which companies finally seem to be doing such as YHM with the Fat Cat.

Jared P: This is more of a question for Jeremy. During the apocalypse times since you came up with the concept of SSB I assume you were going to take ownership of Shawn and pimp him out. How much is the 30 minutes worth a box of 308? how much is it for an afternoons worth maybe a gallon of gas or diesel? How much time do I get a box of 500 .22 shells. How about for a whole rifle could me and my hood rat friends take him for the night as long as we promise the hose him out and feed him when we’re done.

Can you please let me know the conversion rate from ammo to pleasure or has to pleasure

Sorry Shawn but not sorry this is for the good of the group

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