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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 344! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

Tonight we’re going to talk about:


Joe S: If you could take a dump anywhere in the world without repercussion, where would you poop?

Justin H: Listening to Double Tap episode 335 and you were talking about better components when building your own AR vs buying a high end built rifle.

It reminded me of ads that were in gun magazines for diy ceramic coatings to increase barrel life.

Is this still a thing? Any experience with this?

Bryce E: Looking for an ankle carry gun since I’m gonna be working on a construction site and don’t trust people. Thinking about a Smith & Wesson model 60 or Ruger SP 101 both in .357. Any recommendations? Could black rhino concealment make an ankle holster?

Zac V: I have a coworker looking to build an AR 9mm and after talking got him convinced to buy a matador arms upper. The question is he is looking at lowers now and would like a dedicated lower that accepts Glock mags. I told him I would do some research and get back to him. I know you all have more experience so what would you suggest he look into?

*Redacted* B: I’m looking for recommendations for a quality MP-5 clone. I know Century Arms now imports the ones Zenith used to, just not sure if quality has degraded because Century. Currently leaning towards a PTR 9CT but I was seeing if you had any other ideas.

Also, MP-5 clones only please, as I am LARPing the 1980’s.

Brian D: 

I have 3 guns.

Sean has 2 guns.

Erin has 1 gun.

Rick has a toilet.

Thumb has 4 commie guns.

Justin has a gun range and many dogs (climax purposes) as well as better things than anyone else due to the 1 up factor he lives by.

The ATF comes with 12 men all carrying long guns to disarm us.

How many guns do we have afterward?


Dependable Don: Looking to make a boom tube. 12 gauge over under, as a poor what’s a good starting shotgun? Is there any way to turn a shot gun to a aow or does it have to be a sbs? Suggested barrel length? Thank you


David G: Looking at getting into whitetail hunting next year, and my particular zone in New Hampshire is legally limited to either a handgun, lever action in a pistol cartridge, or a shotgun for firearms season. I am wondering which option between the lever gun and the shotgun each of the cast would select. I currently own a Henry Big Boy X in .357, as well as both a 590A1 and a 1301 Tactical, both of which would do the trick with a plug in the magazine tube (or an excuse to buy a new shotgun). It is fairly densely wooded, as well as populated, and in talking to the majority of folks, shots rarely exceed 75, let alone 100yds.


Joe J: Can you print a Glock with a resin printer? I have access to a resin printer and I am wondering if resin is strong enough to hold up. Also where would you get a file to print? Where do you get your 3d files? Jeremy, did you buy the bullet traps from the gun range here in sd that I called you about? Hey Aaron, you’re the best. At something.


Doug_givn_dome: What’s up mall santas…

I’m contemplating on building a longer range hunting rifle. Upper receiver is more than likely going be a Uintah 26 inch 6.5 creedmoor.

My question for the group and savage is, should i stick with 6.5 creedmoor or switch to a different cartridge? (I live Ohio, so that may change your answer)


Winner: Zac V

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