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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 343! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder


Travis S: 

No question but i found the answer to my previous question and thought id share the answer with everyone……….. So What happens when an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object? Just ask Chuck Norris and Mr. T.

They have a fight epic enough to produce an offspring, that offspring being skim beeble.

Mark F: 

Hello firearm scholars! I am looking into purchasing my first set of ceramic armor plates and am looking into RMA thanks to your recommendations. My question is regarding the multi hit capabilities of ceramic and polyethylene armor plates. If shit really does hit the fan in minecraft, how good would ceramic/polyethylene plates be after one engagement if it gets hit? Do I just hope for the best and pray to Cthulhu I don’t get hit in the same spot twice? Thanks for all you guys do for the 2A.

SSgt Dan R: 

I remember when I built my first AR back in 2008, if you looked for complete upper receivers that they came complete including BCG/charging handle. I’m currently building my 4th ar and now most “complete uppers” don’t came with BCG or charging handle. What changed and why?


David K: 

Sci-fi movie guns, what is the ONE sci-fi movie gun you would own right now? Who cares about caliber cost, NFA whatever. What badass sci-fi movie gun!

Dusky Javelin Fangz the Alpha Gator from the Econ Lockhatchee of the Mosquito County Seminole: 

Hello WLS,

I have a question derived from both my Swamptism and your episode discussing Mitchell Defense ARs that lead to covering hand guard strength. (#536)

So the actual question iz:

What kind of advantages do the metal handguards have over the plastic ones? As a retarded poor with joint issues i quite enjoy the light weight of the magpul front ends. But I’m guessing you’d want a metal rail for durability in many cases. I dont think i shoot well enough to notice a difference in accuracy from putting sling tension on it, or im just too frail to influence the geometry. But what are the pros and cons of each options, what do you recommend for “serious use”? Is a compromise worth it maybe? How so?

Jacob H: 

My question for the cast is: If everyone was relegated to one primary and one secondary weapon for SHTF lights out scenario but those weapons had to be pre-1950 and have been issued in some form to a military force, what would you pick, and why?


So I was listening to the radio when our cult theme song came on (Africa for the newbs) and it made me realize I had two questions for y’all. 1) I’m looking at picking up a 22lr pistol to get young shooters and new shooters use to pistols. In my experience the new people if taken shooting aren’t scared of the recoil but the noise, another reason to repeal the NFA (suppressors). I had a Beretta Bobcat 21A which kind of sucked for the price because it’s pretty temperamental with ammo. What are some non Beretta and Ruger Mark series options? 2)Why did y’all stop playing Africa on the episodes?

Love the show

Joe S: 

With the help of Tom from Bowers Group, I recently bought my first two suppressors, an Icon and a Vers375. I still plan to buy a 45 can so I have the universal 3 can Hat Trick. My question has to do with something many people seem highly against – a dedicated .223/5.56 can. Tom doesn’t recommend mag dumps through the Vers375, and has strong opinions against beating on your suppressors. I respect that and trust Tom. However, I’d like a suppressor I can run on an AR with a binary trigger, and mag dump through it pretty heavily. More than Tom suggest though the 375. If you had to pick one suppressor for that specific job, what would you pick? Much like cheese, this is mission specific. Long live the gun cult. Never forget the ssb.

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