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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 341! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

Tonight we’re going to talk about:


Andrew S: 

How do we change or expand the gun rights argument outside of just the self-defense angle?

I understand the approach in the courts, fighting anti gun laws from the perspective of self-defense, but that is only a small part of the 2nd. The argument is always framed as self-defense against other persons (civilians). But the 2nd is really rooted in defense against the government/state. We have to have that be part of the argument but it always gets dropped or lost in the discussion. In the long run I think this hurts us.

So how do we change, expand, whatever the argument/position to include the fact that people need a means to fight back against (keep them in check) the gov/state?

Warrior of the Weekend: 

Dear WLS,

I have an Ithaca 1880 double barrel exposed hammer 12 ga, with London twist barrels.

For an old shotgun it’s in decent condition. The lock up is super solid, both triggers drop their respective hammers perfectly. I would love to put some light loads through it but I’ve heard mixed things on the London twist barrels. From what I’ve researched, it seems people get the metallurgy of Damascus and London twist confused. What say you? Safe to use? I don’t want to Kentucky Ballistic my eye out. I will hold you accountable for any harm or damage.

By reading this, you give your consent.

Thank you. I love you.

Tom B: 

I bought a bowers vers 458. Couldn’t say no as it was on sale for $400. Now I need help picking a host for it. I’m stuck between a lever gun or building a bolt action. The lever actions are a new marlin 1895 or Taylor’s and co 1886. The bolt action would be a 10 inch sbr in 458 socom.

I reload so ammo prices and availability are not a concern. I would like to hear what you guys would pick. Thanks

Roger I: 

Hello gang. I would like your opinion about a good revolver for concealed carry while hiking during the summer in Phoenix Arizona. I’m a small framed dude. Thank you for your suggestions.

Also thank you for getting Jeremy a better mic.

Adam A: 

Is the Masterpiece Arms Defender any good or is there a better option for this type of firearm? No Jeremey I don’t have a use case for it I just want something dumb to take to the range.

Joe E: 

Hello wls crew,

I am currently waiting for my first suppressor’s paperwork to clear, it’s a sparrow 22. I will be going back and forth between a 10/22, mark IV, and .17hmr bolt action. I was planning on it also going onto my ps90 after I form 1 it. Well at the gun shop the guy helping me said that most people he has come through are running 5.56 cans on their ps90’s. So my questions are:

Is a .30 cal can going to be to heavy for the weird floating barrel on the ps90? As I don’t have money for a dedicated 5.56 can.

Are huxwrx cans the only/best flow through cans? As when I get a center fire suppressor it will be going from bolt guns to AR’s and I don’t want to fight with gas and buffers and have the least amount of crap blow back on me or my kids when they are shooting it.

It’s a long question I know. Shawn should probably read it. Thanks for your answers.



I have pistol that comes from one of those evil pieces of plastic that can be drilled and after hours of work and multiple trips to the range, you get it working. You know, easily convertible.

Anyway, I love the way I have it set up. It might be my favorite pistol. When I got it up and running I thought, “this needs a comp.”

I bought a cheap one, changed recoil springs a couple of times and still couldn’t get it to run. With no comp, it runs like a top, so I know it’s the comp.

So I bought a high end comp (I’ll be secretive on the name). It ran great the first time out, but when I took it out again this week, i had 5-6 FTEs per 15 rounds.

My question: should swap my recoil spring for a lighter one (17lbs to 15lbs or 13lbs) or just let it go and lose the comp? I don’t want to always wonder if it’s going to work and swapping down to lighter and lighter recoil springs is annoying. I also don’t want to just shoot +p ammo.

Really my only reason for a comp is that it looks super cool. I do shoot better with it, but not a lot. I’m interested in what the experts (actually just WLS guys) think about comped pistols.

Thanks for reading my book and answering my question.

Jesse K: 

So I’ve decided on building a 6mm arc, if you guys were going to choose a barrel what would you consider? I’ve been looking at the 2 options faxon has, a 16″ gunner profile, or the 20″ heavy fluted match. I plan to do some hunting for whitetail where I don’t have to hike miles, some range time out to 600 and suppressing it. If there are some other options I should look at, fire away.

Winner: Andrew S

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Wrap up 

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