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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 340! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

Tonight we’re going to talk about:


Joshua H: 

Have any of yall hunted bobcats? Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Kevin B: 

Hello I’m in the market for a 30 cal can that would be used on the following guns. DD5v4 308, Winchester m70 extreme weather ss 30-06, Galil ace gen II 7.62×39, ddm4v7s 5.56. I plan on getting a 300blk in the future. Hunting with the can for me would be more of a cool factor to do a few times but ultimately not very practical given that I hunt dense forest for Blacktail and Roosevelt elk. I am looking for a can that can be used on all guns listed but would mainly be using it on the DD5v4 and 300 blackout that I do not yet have. I want it light, I want it quiet, I want it full auto rated, I want it durable enough to last multiple generations. I live 14 miles from Cornelius Oregon and I know you guys will suggest bowers because you guys are always pimpin Toms tits.. I mean cans. But I don’t want the verse .375 because the website says to keep the .375 below 500 degrees F, which means .308 and .223 mag dumps are inappropriate for this silencer. I want lots of mag dumps. I don’t see the verse 30 on his website anymore and don’t remember the specs on it. Is that still an option and what other company’s fit the bill for my needs. Ideally with bowers service policy I would like to stick with them given how close I live. Money is no object on the subject. Thanks guys

Jon G: 

Hey guys, I love the work yall do on this podcast. So i want to get a supressor, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I was looking at the aero precision lahar 30k can but I don’t know how they are, do you guys happen to know? Thanks

Agent Entropy: 

For a .223/5.56 AR-15 DMR with use case out to 700-800 yards: is a complete upper (upper, bcg, gas system, hand guard, barrel and nut) with unmatched lower going to be more accurate and precise than a matched lower and upper with a different brand barrel, handguard, and gas system?

On a wider note, what are the biggest considerations for a precision AR build?

Background: I’m considering assembling a DMR-style AR with two requirements:

– Radian ADAC lower (on which I will have “WLSisLife,” laser etched till they send Shawn a cease and desist)

– Handguard with an integral Arca-Swiss rail.

Radian doesn’t make an Arca handguard.

Sorry this is so long, just trying to anticipate and answer Jeremy’s semantic-laden clarification requests in advance. Please keep him on track, he gets distracted easily and suggests options that aren’t on the menu: “you should try [blank],” or, “do cocaine about it,” or, “kill yourself,” are all good pieces of advice, but not an answer to this question.


Nick F:

Hey Jeremy what do they call the bad portion of Ohio?

Ohio…… 🙂

  1. Ellis Watcher:

It’s 1982. You are a brainwashed KGB asset who’s recently decoded a message from the numbers station in Havana on your one time bad. You are directed to pick up a suitcase nuke from a discreet location, but you’re also an idiot and messed up the part where you decrypted the target of your nuke. What city or town do you plant it in, and why is it Valley City, OH, because you want to eradicate Jeremy before he has a chance to encourage people to fuck their dog?

Ethan P: 

I recently listened to the One Second After book series that Jeremy recomended. All four books were great! My question is, what is the book or series that each of you would recommend?

Patrick B: 

To answer the dudes question on the 10.5 AR suppressor for hard use, I’d get the Silencer Co Velos LBP, Energetic Armament Ferox, Deadair Sandman S, or the Silencer Co Saker 556. Those are great for hard use cans. I heard yall say Sico is bad, I was curious on yalls opinion why? No right or wrong answer. I have about a dozen or more Sico cans and I personally love and enjoy their cans alot! If yall would like to test tons of cans next to each other, theirs a free even down here in Austin Texas in March. It’s called Quiet in the Capitol. It’s totally free, no charge. Capitol Armory puts the event on every year, and they have huge discounts on cans those days. It’s for normal everyday people to test out cans. Free ammo, their guns and their cans, just show up and shoot. Yall should come see what its about. It’s a large event that’s open to all the public. Its not like media range days that yall probabaly are use to. They usually have 10-12 big Suppressor manufacturers their with their own reps on site to demo cans and talk about them with consumers. It’s March 2 and 3rd. Also Shawn, if you wanna sell that saker 762 let me know. I might be interested in buying it on the cheap since you hate it so much lol

Winner: Joshua H

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