WLS 036 – Voice of Reason

episode-tileWelcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 36.  This week we’ll talk about the Sphinx SDP Compact, Nordic mag extensions, fury tactical kuba kickz, budget shotguns, M1A optics aaaand the Wolf Arms VEPR 12.

Our panel tonight

We are joined by

  • Savage1r – A YouTuber who makes videos about shooting, philosophy, and do it yourself projects. Savage has an imaginary friend named Richard. He has red hair and wears overalls without a shirt DOING IT BETTER: Shooting things and stuff
  • Aaron – A Law enforcement marketing specialist and the media contact for We Like Shooting.  He’ll be traveling to florida next week and you can bet he’ll be buying dolphin rape insurance  DOING IT BETTER putting to gether items for the bangbox, also reading up on state laws for CCW on the way to florida
  • Jeremy – Former Marine, instructor, rifle champ and the owner of River’s Edge Tactical in Ohio. Has a tattoo of a butterfly… on his thigh.  Aaron told me. DOING IT BETTER
  • Nick – A precision rifle and barrel maker and writer of hard tongue twisters that is trying to grow a tactical neck beard DOING IT BETTER
  • Shawn – I’m Shawn, I’m an instructor, reviewer, competitor. I’ve taken the first step by cutting a hole in the box  DOING IT BETTER:

Guest Bio:

  • GI Jenn – radio host of Warrior Talk Radio and Co-Founder of HEAR our VETERANS, Welcom back GI Jenn.  Jenn is earning pledge money for we like shooting by pole dancing after the show
  • Hank Strange – Our next guest is a Firearms Enthusiast, Youtube star, Entrepreneur, Artist, Writer, Music Producer & Filmmaker, He’s white from the waist down, Please welcome Hank Strange

This is our drinking game.

  • Shawn – interesting, Actually, absolutely, fantastic, basically, nice
  • Aaron – Piece, clip or interrupts someone!
  • Anybody – WEAPON, Hi-Point.
  • Jeremy – I hate dolphins!
  • Nick – Hershey highway, uhm
  • savage1r – ya know, basically
  • Lil – Oh My Goodness! (Usually brought on by something Aaron says.)

and now it’s time for…

Gear Chat

where we talk about stuff that we have, want and need!

  • Shawn: SPHINX SDP Compact
  • Savage1r: Nordic Components 48rnd mag extension kit
  • Aaron: Fury Tactical Kuba-Kickz
  • NickLynch – Super budget HD shotgun build
  • Jeremy: Scope up my M1A
  • Guests –   Hank -VEPR 12

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It’s time for…

Going ballistic (news stories, gun control, etc.)

Put out a call to the audience, if they know of a story we should discuss, send it to us!

A-arons Odds news of the week

Topless woman goes crazy in McDonalds Now I have seen some odd stuff in my lifetime and this one is pretty odd. A woman who said she had a bipolar incident stripped to a thong and trashed a McDonalds only stopping to make herself a ice cream cone. Okay, I have dated a lot of crazy women in my life, from Laura who was arrested for carjacking, to April who I won’t even go into. What kind of crazy have you dated?

Shooting challenge

7 Card Stud – https://welikeshooting.com/shootout

Whose gun?

If fictional characters were to use modern publicly available firearms, what would they use? Pick ONE or two.  Guest please pick one and put your choice on that line.

This week: Hackers

  • Dade – “Mess with the best, die like the rest”  Black Aces Tactical – The King with a drum mag.  18.5” inch barrel, rails, folding stock.
  • Kate – Nick – Beretta tomcat
  • Joey – Aaron- Would be some sort of prop gun maybe a Desert Eagle
  • Cereal – Jeremy-No idea ummmm rail gun cuz nerds
  • Phreak – Jenn – Switchblade
  • The Plague – savage1r –  Gold tiger striped Deagle brand deagle

Wrap up

Gun related link of the week

User feedback and user questions

GEAR Dad (United States of America)

Contagious Insanity

Rating: 5 Stars

Gun and gear talk done right! I didn’t think insanity was contagious until I started listening to this show. After listening to all the episodes, I now enjoy the disease…perhaps a little too much. If I had friends in real life, I would want them to be just like all the hosts. I would even take a friend like Aaron…but only in small doses. Let’s face it, sometimes even beggars CAN be choosers. Seriously, keep up the awesome work! Um, actually, it’s very interesting. Oh, my goodness! My liver!

9 April, 2014

Samuel Book 2 (United States of America)


Rating: 5 Stars

Love the show! Informative and packed with gut busting humor. Panaphobic-ADHD-schizophrenia done right. I think I need my liver scrubbed.

4 April, 2014

Helodriver20 (United States of America)

Weekly must have!

Rating: 5 Stars

My must listen to show of the week!


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Thanks for listening, and shoot straight.


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