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episode-tileWelcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 31, tonight we’ll talk with some Rhode Island residents about the nonsense laws being proposed, Desert Eagle 1911’s, AR-15 handguards, refinishing some iron sites, the Giraud trimmer, Saiga 9, Italian revolvers, ruger gunsite scout 308 and Travis Haley’s Glock trigger.  It’s a jam packed show as always.  Let’s do this.

Links to our guests and panelists:

Our panel tonight

We are joined by

  • Savage1r – A YouTuber who makes videos about shooting, philosophy, and do it yourself projects. Savage, it says here you were home schooled because of your abnormal habit of drawing the wieners on everything. Welikeshooting challenge, reload testing, rifle zeroing, buis refurbishing

  • Lil Chantilly – Lil is Active Duty Navy, womens shooting advocate, NRA Women content partner, long range shooter and gun blogger, at Heelsandhandguns.com. Her name and number is written on a wall between Mississippi and Kentucky in a rest stop bathroom with a secret code, if you dial the number and have the code you could win a date.  DOING IT BETTER: Creating the perfect scope testing environment.

  • Aaron – A Law enforcement marketing specialist and the media contact for We Like Shooting and the poster child for obesity, what’s up sir-eats-a-lot? DOING IT BETTER Went shooting with some federal agents and smoked them.

  • Jeremy – Former Marine, instructor, rifle champ and the owner of River’s Edge Tactical in Ohio. Cries everytime he hears the song “White Flag” by Dido  DOING IT BETTER

  • Shawn – I’m Shawn, I’m an instructor, reviewer, competitor. Pees sitting down DOING IT BETTER:  Shot the we like shooting challenge and basically no one can beat me.  I am the greatest! I’m the greatest thing that ever lived  https://welikeshooting.com/shootout

Recently a wave of legislation was publicized in Rhode Island.  Tonight we wanted to put the focus on that part of the country, so we invited some friends that live there to join us.  There is a huge list of contact information at the bottom of the show notes, be sure to check it out.  Without further Adieu, we are joined by:

  • Collin Polucha – a shooting enthusiast and moderator for the search and assess facebook page, he also got into a hug fight with Jeremy, and won… or did he? DOING IT BETTER: became frustrated with my performance with the shooting challenge I threw a snowball at the target
  • Kyle Bacon – Host of Search and Assess Podcast, NRA Instructor, and Kung Fu stylist. Little known fact, Kyle was in footloose, but was later replaced by his brother Kevin DOING IT BETTER- Did the WLS shootout challenge and sucked at it. Worked on support hand shooting with my AR.

This is our drinking game.

  • Shawn – interesting, Actually, absolutely, fantastic, basically, nice
  • Aaron – Piece, clip or interrupts someone!
  • Anybody – WEAPON, Hi-Point.
  • Jeremy – I hate all of you
  • Nick – That’s not hot coco you’re drinking.
  • savage1r – ya know, basically
  • Lil – Oh My Goodness! (Usually brought on by something Aaron says.)
  • Zak – Any time Zak says anything.
  • Guest: Collin- like
  • Guest: Kyle Bacon – Well, You Know

and now it’s time for… Gear Chat

where we talk about stuff that we have, want and need!

  • Shawn: Desert Eagle 1911U
  • Aaron American Built Arms Company MOD1 Hand Guard
  • Savage1r: 1851 Petta .44cal revolver
  • Lil: –  The Giraud Trimmer http://www.giraudtool.com/prod02.htm, specifically the 6.5 Creedmoor Shell Holder and Cutting Head
  • Nick: Saiga 9
  • Jeremy: Waiting for my revolver, to come to America…maybe
  • Guest: Collin: looking at the ruger gunsite scout 308 in LH
  • Kyle: Travis Haley’s Skimmer Trigger

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hey guys and gal.  Let’s…

Going ballistic?

A-arons Odds news of the week

More babies being named after firearms, according to the website babynamewizard.com/blog children being born with gun related names is up more than 500%. Will these kids be banned from schools because of their names? Babies Receiving Gun-Related Names, United States

What would you name your child, if you could give it a gun name?

I would name my kids HI-point because I expect them to work, but I dont really have that high of an expectation for them.

Shooting challenge

Ever tried to shoot a smiley face into a target Lethal Weapon style?  This is where we separate the men from the Aaron’s.  Our shootout challenge for March is live.  Go to WeLikeShooting.com/shootout,  shoot 8 shots from 5 yards, channel your inner Riggs and go all lethal weapon on your target.  Shoot a smiley and submit it at WeLikeShooting.com/shootout, we’ll post it on our site and social media and we’ll see who does the best!

Whose gun?

If fictional characters were to use modern publicly available firearms, what would they use? Pick ONE or two.  Guest please pick one and put your choice on that line.

This week: The Breakfast Club

  • Andrew Clark  – Shawn – Fully tac’d out Daniel Defense AR-15.  Really expensive and awesome gun with every attachment you can imagine.
  • Richard Vernon –  Savage1r – Taurus Judge. Douche gun for a douche.
  • Brian Johnson – Kyle – M203 Grenade Launcher. Who brings a flare gun?!
  • Carl – Nick – Carl is a janitor, so he gets a GE Minigun so he can “mop things up”
  • John Bender-Collin- He gets a 9mm Hi-point. went with this because you all love to hate the bad kid/gun (drink)
  • Claire Standish – Lil – Why was Claire in detention?  She went shopping.  What for? A fully custom 1911 Night Hawk.  She was mad at her teacher for putting her in detention, but then she found out that he would take her shooting and she got a little crush on him.
  • Allison Reynolds – Aaron – Any gun she could steal. But probably a mosquito .22 that she took from her moms purse. Because that is all her feminine hands could handle.

Wrap up

Gun related link of the week

User feedback and user questions

The Last 25 Reviews

8 March, 2014

SFC NicW (United States of America)

Great Podcast

Rating: 5 Stars

Found you guys when Lil was on Precision Rifle Podcast. What a great show. ADHD with firearms! Just my speed. Hi-Point…. Now Drink!!!

7 March, 2014

wildferret (United States of America)

Just plain funny

Rating: 5 Stars

One of my favorite podcasts from the Firearms Network. FUNNY as well as informative.

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Questions of the week:  What is your favorite AR-15 stock & what is your favorite AR-15 grip, What is your favorite AR-15 muzzle brake, compensator or flash hider?

New this week: Favorite short range to mid range AR-15 red dot

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What shows to listen to on FRN

  • savage1r: AR15 Podcast

  • Lil: Practically Tactical

  • Aaron Fat2fit

If you could describe the show in a quick sentence, what would you say?

  • Kyle:I’m tired
  • Collin: I’m gonna pistol whip the next guy that says shennanigans

Thanks for listening, and shoot straight.

We Like Shooting Activism Alert

Thanks for the heads up from Collin P.


If you could spread the word we need your help fighting the good fight. Here are the bills if you are interested.


They go after conceal carry making the towns may issue instead of shall issue but basically forcing the applicant to go through the AG’s office( may issue)

They put together a strict assault weapons ban that limits mags to 10 rds, banning all mags over 10 rds, one cosmetic feature

Changes our constitution from a no registry state to making a registry( like ct ny nj and ca).


There are other things added as well but those are the biggest ones. We beat back the gun control activists last year. This year they are coming at us even harder with a ferocity that we haven’t seen in the past.












Rep Joseph almeida




Reps: linda Finn 401-258-6851



Chris blazejewski http://www.chrisblazejewski.com/contact.html




Rep arthur handy




Rep Edith Ajello






Donna Walsh






Patrick ONeil



Music: http://www.purple-planet.com


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