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WLS 006 – Watch out for military assault spoons!

episode-tileThis episode we’re going to talk about compact handguns, laser training, long range rifles, stocks, grips, targets and whatever else comes up.

Our panel tonight

  • Savage1r is a YouTuber who makes videos about shooting, philosor-raptors, and do it yourself projects.
  • Lil Chantilly – Lil is an Active Duty Navy, womens shooting advocate, long range shooter and gun blogger, at
  • Aaron – Law enforcement marketing specialist, and media contact for WLS.
  • Jeremy – Former Marine, instructor, and owner of River’s Edge Tactical in Ohio
  • Nick – Nick spends his day making high dollar rifles and barrels
  • Zak – Zak is retired Air Force Security Forces and full time nursing student
  • Shawn – I’m Shawn, I’m an instructor, reviewer, competitor and my wife thinks its all very boring.
  • Now, our special guest this week is a Youtube firearms enthusiast specializing in Guns Girls & Gear, please join me in welcoming Hank Strange – Hank Strange on Youtube

Introduce drinking game – LIST of WORDS TO NEVER SAY – drinking game.

  • Shawn – interesting, Actually, absolutely, fantastic..
  • Aaron – Piece, clip or pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  • Anybody – WEAPON
  • Nick – poop
  • Hank- Twerk, twerking, way to twerk it


Welcome and thanks for joining us tonight.

Gear Chat

This segment we talk about stuff that we have, want and need!


Going ballistic

This segment is for us to chat about local and sometimes national gun control.   Vent away.

savage1r – I want to tackle the Huffington Post article citing the GrC tracker and explain why it’s BS.


Now it’s time for our Montana update.: Everything is fine.


Whose gun?

If fictional characters were to use modern publically available firearms, what would they use?

This week: Toy Story

  • Woody – Shawn – Colt Army Model 1860
  • Buzz Lightyear – Shawn – Beretta u22 neos and beretta cx4 storm carbine
  • Mr. Potato Head  – Aaron – Spud Gun
  • Slinky Dog : Hank – Captive Bolt Pistol: Jim Varney goes all Javier Bardem on your asses/ no country for old men style
  • Hamm – Jeremy – M60 machine gun “the hog”
  • Bo Peep – Zak – Walther PPK in an inner thigh holster
  • Andy – Zak – Red Rider BB gun with a compass and sundial in the stock
  • Sid – savage1r – hi point 9mm :P
  • Lenny the Range Finders – Lil – Fully custom long range precision rifle with a Big Horn Arms Action, a Krieger Barrel, a McMillian Stock, and a Huber Trigger.
  • Little Green Men – Nick – Schwerer Gustav 80cm railway cannon

Wall of 2nd amendment shame.

each week we will add 1 name to the wall of shame for those that lobby against the 2nd amendment or it’s supporters.

  • savage1r – I nominate the Huffington Post

Wrap up

Gun related website of the week

savage1r –

Lil – Emily Miller




User feedback and user questions

First, remind listeners that they should always consult their owners manual with regards to lubricating their firearms.

First Name


Last Name



When cleaning and lubing your AR-15, How much lube do you use on the bolt carrier and what type of lube do you use??


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for some good discussion.  It’s always great to debate something you’re passionate about.

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What shows to listen to on FRN

  • Aaron: Week in guns

  • Lil:  Fat 2 Fit – On this week’s GunGuy episode, Jake Challand said that Carol Salva, one of the primary hosts of Fat 2 Fit, will be getting her first gun and they will track it on the Inside Firearms Community site, they will track her progress and that of her family as they become responsible gun owners.

  • Shawn:  Will be a guest on This week in guns tomorrow night.  My goal is to say 11 words.  Because those guys know what they are talking about.  Oh god, I’m going to vomit.

Thanks for listening and shoot straight.

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