We the People Petition: Stop advocating for more gun control and start enforce existing laws

How many more senseless laws by ignorant lawmakers is it going to take before we start enforcing the laws currently on the books and actually prosecuting criminals instead of allowing their violence to continue?
As citizens of this country, we ask you to take a firm stand and make a positive change by telling the ATF, FBI, and local law enforcement to do their jobs.  Enforce existing laws, put criminals behind bars, maintain accurate criminal and mental background data, and seriously investigate straw purchases.

Far too often, laws concerning gun control are written by politicians who have proven, time and again, to know nothing about the subject that their legislation concerns. The resulting laws are largely ineffective and overbearing, resulting in prosecution of innocent people, using laws meant to catch criminals.

Multiple states have implemented ‘Universal Background Checks’ (UBC) which have netted less than a handful of criminals under the promise that UBC’s will prevent crimes and save lives. In one year alone, nearly 80,000 people were denied firearm purchases in gun stores, not gun shows, and only 44 of those were prosecuted. During the first year Washington State adopted UBC’s, one single person was denied a purchase at a gun sale and no one was arrested.

UBC’s do not protect against straw purchases, and while the firearm serial tracing technology that is already in place is capable of pinpointing gun stores that are being targeted by straw purchasers, federal agencies refuse to put any effort towards investigating those involved and instead are facilitating illegal sales to criminals themselves.

The Brady Campaign created the law that allowed for private sales, which is mischaracterized as the ‘gun show loophole’. In order to facilitate citizens ability to safely sell firearms between two people, the government should open up the NICS system to be accessed by private citizens.  NICS allows for a pass/fail/delay as described in the Coburn Amendment.

The firearms frequently called ‘Assault Weapons’ are constantly targeted to be banned despite the fact they are used the LEAST amount in gun crimes and homicides (less than 2%). This is despite statistics that semi-automatic rifles are the most popular firearms for new shooters, hunters, and competition shooters. Legislators spend a disproportionate amount of resources on efforts to ban the least dangerous firearms, demonstrating they are not concerned with actually preventing the commission of crimes, rather they are intent on making it more difficult for citizens to use these firearms lawfully. In addition, the last assault weapons ban is credited with having zero impact on crime rates in the US while it was in force.

To fully enjoy the use of firearms, gun owners require the ability to freely purchase ammunition in bulk from online sources. Ordering ammunition in bulk reduces the overall cost, one of the most significant investments required in this sport . Placing restrictions on ammunition purchases only impacts lawful citizens exercising their rights.

We often hear the refrain that ‘we need more gun control’.  Considering gun owners have endured decades of gun control laws, across all 50 individual states, in addition to federal laws, while observing minimal results regarding their enforcement.  It logically follows that if the government cannot and will not enforce the laws currently available, then that same government will not enforce new laws. Each time a crime wave or a mass shooting happens, new gun control laws are proposed that even the authors admit will not have stopped those events. Why? This pattern of wishful thinking must stop and actual enforcement must start.

We ask that you join us and ask the government to enforce the laws that we currently have and to condemn any needless new law aimed at disarming law abiding American Citizens and stripping their constitutional rights!

Please sign this petition and demand Senate and the House of Representatives immediately cease wasting their valuable legislative sessions drafting or processing votes for additional gun control legislation!