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Behold - the Gun App.

Oh, you want a gun app? How about an iPhone app, Android app and a native HTML5 app for Windows phones and all tablets?
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gun app at itunes
gun app at Google Play

Your dreams have all come true

A gun app-tivus for the rest of us!

Damn, girl you fine

The We Like Shooting gun app has been designed to look better than it functions. It’ll function ok, but dang, it’s so pretty.


It’s all here. All of it. Articles, editorials, the show, youtube, social media. Everything. Even Aaron’s hopes and dreams. It’s all here, all of it… Maybe. You just have to find it.

Other programs!

Our store, rooftopper rewards, sponsors and more are now located directly in front of your face. We all know you walk around glued to your phone 24×7 anyhow. Now you can look at something cool while you do it.


This is pretty much the best app I have ever seen. It’s completely relevant to my interests and I believe it will solve most of the worlds problems within 30 days of launch.
Shawn H.

App developer, We Like Shooting, Inc.

Whatever Shawn said, I’ve done twice and twice as good. Can I eat this app? What? I’m hungry, I haven’t eaten in 5 minutes.
Aaron K.

One Upper, We Like Shooting, Inc.

How the f*** do you install this f***ing s***? I can’t f***ing computer, you know this. Why the f*** would you f***ing even ask me to test this s***? Are you f***ing retarded? I’m going to f***ing choke you if this f***s up my phone.
Jeremy P.

WLS Cast Member, We Like Shooting, Inc.

Thanks for scrolling down this far…

If you missed the buttons up top, try these.

Gun app at ITunes
Gun app on Google play

What does it do? How do I get help?

Check out the FAQ below. If that doesn’t anwer your questions, please click on help and fill out the form.

  • Show
    • Listen to the podcast, new episode every week!
  • Articles
    • Every article that posts to our website will show up here automatically.
  • Buy Shit!
    • A link to our store. What?! You know you wanna buy stuff.
  • Gun Porn
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      • Our pictures from Facebook
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  • Social
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  • About
    • What we’re about
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  • YouTube Stars
    • All of our YouTube videos and shows
  • Events
    • Our events, shows and appearances
  • Rooftoppers
    • Our Rooftopper Rewards program
  • My favorites
    • Any articles, videos, pictures or anything else you saved for later.
  • Sponsors
    • A list of our beloved sponsors.
  • Uncensored
    • A link to listen to the uncensored show. (Only for patreons)
  • Community
    • See who uses the app and where they are.
  • Chat
    • Chat with any app users.
  • Profile
    • Edit your app profile
  • App News
    • News and releases
  • Contact Us
The FAQ will go here.
You can get help here!