We use unique spoken word, skit based advertising slots for each of our advertisers. Fluid and consistently different to ease “ad deafness” among listeners. Between our show, web site and social media we help bring your products to the eyes and ears of consumers.

Our advertising include our podcast. Between our show, social media and our website we can deliver your message to our amazing audience. Browse down the page to find out more!

We completed an unprecedented listener survey at the end of 2015. The verdict? Our audience loves our advertising. We are changing the way companies bring their products to consumers!

Your advertisers are great. It seems like you only pimp yourselves out to quality companies…. I can respect that.

I like it. Not too many sponsors and the ones you have are good resources for your listeners. Glad you’re not peddling junk products for money.

I like that you do your own advertising. It doesn’t feel like a commercial that interrupts the show. The advertising flows smoothly and feels integrated.




We are available in more places than any other podcast and growing quickly! Amongst all of our distribution channels our show is on the way to being downloaded 1,000,000 times. We are currently at ~750,000 and growing every day!



Old media has gotten lost as the hearts and minds of consumers transition to new technologies. By leveraging existing media channels, new media channels and inventing our own, we stay at the head of pack.

We are innovating every day. Here’s a partial list of the ways we’ve beat every other new media company out there.

  • First to truly engage crowd funding
  • Created¬†first game platform for guerilla marketing
  • Created box program before it was hip
  • Retail brand sales
  • and more coming every day!

We have a strong retail presence that further grows our brand. We release new and original products every single month.

We are launching our very own apps for iOS and Android phones. More ways for our audience to consume our content!

Our crowd funding allows us to only work with the absolute best companies. We don’t advertise mattresses and like other podcasts. Our advertising is truly unique!

Rewards program for listeners to share our show with friends! We turned sharing into a game with prizes, leaderboards, social sharing and more.

While others in this space use Youtube as a biz plan, we built our own platform utilizing 3rd party services as distribution only.

Drop us a line and we will send you our FREE advertising rate sheets.