WLS Double Tap 226 – Horse called Dreadknaugh



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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 223, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Krull Glaive


Roscoe Cambridge lll

Gentlemen (sorry to swear at you), I have milled out a standard 80% AR lower and I am interested in setting it up for a 9MM platform. Is there some kind of conversion kit that us possible, or that you would recommend for this. Thanks


Aiden S 

What do yall think of Remora or Sticky holster style holsters? Not safe, gimmick? Too big of a chance of falling off your person?

Zach W: 

What 223/556 do you keep stocked up on for meth heads communist and ass holes? What is your opinion on hornady frontier hollow points?

Tyler H: 

Really enjoy the show, been listening for a few years at the point. My question is in regards to Jeremy’s distaste in PSA, what makes them crap and what could or should one do to polish those turds? I’ve assembled 2 of them and built one from a PSA lower only. Thanks guys, any input or guidance is appreciated.

Duke of Crude: 

Hey fam, How much pistol ammo do you carry on your luau kit? I have heard the average firefight requires about 200rds of ammo, I figured that was specifically rifle caliber. Thanks for all you do!

Duke of Crude: 

Hey fam, A long time ago, I came across a magic boomer at a gun show. All he had on his table was a Winchester 1907, an original box of 351 self loader ammo, 2 original 1907 police magazines, and a sign that said $300. I bought it all as the magazines themselves were worth that. But after chatting with the man, he informed me that he had saved the 351SL ammo by shooting 38 super through the rifle. Because my family grew up in Rio Grande Valley (ask Jeremy why Mexicans shoot 38 super), I have a healthy stockpile of the caliber. To my surprise, the old boomer was correct! I looked over the cartridge dimensions and found them somewhat similar. My questions is, if I supplied the ammo of 38 super & 351 SL, would you be willing to try these calibers in a 350 legend upper to see if it will function? The only major dimensional difference between 351SL (39,00psi) and 350 legend(55,00psi) is 0.334in for overall cartridge length. Seems super random, but would be neat to have a PCC/rifle platform that would only require ammo swapping. Thanks for all you do!

Chris L: 

This may have been covered in a previous episode but I have not found it yet so I thought I’d ask. I am looking for a bag to carry EDC gear in and I can’t find what I want. What do you guys carry your EDC gear in? Everything I find is either too much like a man-purse or too “tacticool” and would illicit suspicion. I go into a lot of places that would frown on me carrying a weapon to I would rather have something that looks innocuous. Any help is appreciated


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# Not Guns
Any good books?





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