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WLS Double Tap 219 – Load Bearing Suspension

WLS Double Tap 219 – Load Bearing Suspension


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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 219, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

Deer gun




1) I think a huge portion of us knew the FRT wasn’t going to go uncontested by the ATF. BDU (who was the sole distributor of the FRT) and Rare Breed had to know this as well. 


2) BDU isn’t a manufacturer, and I haven’t seen who is actually manufacturing the WOT trigger other than Wide Open Enterprises, LLC. I can’t find anything on this company. 


3) The timeline here is of suspicion. The ATF went after Rare Breed as early as June and the WOT was being teased as late as August. Seems pretty quick for a company not only to, at minimum, reverse engineer the FRT, but also to test, R&D, and get BDU on board, then manufacturer and ship by 9/7/21. 


My theory is that Rare Breed is manufacturing these WOT triggers for BDU under the table. So now, there is potentially two reasons to sue BDU


  1. A) make it seem legit that another company is producing these. There’s the potential that no money is going anywhere in the lawsuit. Are you really out any money by stealing money from your wife just to deposit back into your joint account?


  1. B) This is where I need Matt. 

I have to wonder if there is a legal precedent to be set for the FRT. Does a court ruling on a patent case have any weight on that specific item in question, to undermine the ATFs jurisdiction or ruling/classification of said item?


I’m probably reaching, but there sure seems to be something weird in all this.


Caleb M

Message: I am in taking classes at SDI and want to open my own store and gunsmith shop later. I want to sell firearms to those who need it and teach citizens how to defend themselves and others from harm. I know you all are very active in the industry and I am curious if you have any advice for someone trying to get a foot in the door. Also just a side not would a bachelors in mechanical or systems engineering help at all?


Eli V

Can it be argued that how strong can a civil right be (2A in this case) if it requires constant fighting for? 2a has been infringed over and over. 


Graham W

I have a CMMG 22lr conversion AR bolt. Will shooting 22lr through a 5.56 barrel eventually damage it? Thanks 


Brian E

Hail cult leaders, I am the one with the armor question a few weeks back asking for the most cost effective option. I just want to say thanks for your guys input on the question and the “geniuses” jab was nothing more than a playful jab as you guys do provide great info. And thanks to the cult on the RMA suggestion, in my waiting from the time I submitted the question and it getting answered PEW PEW Tactical actually posted a great video as well.


Submit your questions to


# Not Guns
Just watched a TV Series Squid Games




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