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WLS Double Tap 135 – Got my Goat

WLS Double Tap 135 – Got my Goat


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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 135, Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and Jermey

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capacity vs caliber


Firetoe D

Hey guys. My aunt and uncle just closed on a house down the road from me. They have two small mountains on the property, and the wooded valley in between (the grundle area) has a 20×100 yard area. They’re old and won’t go down there, so they said I can turn it into a shooting range. I Googled West Virginia laws for shooting on your property and all I can find is, “must be at least 500ft from other dwellings”. I can’t even see other houses from the shooting area.

I was wondering what y’all could suggest when setting up a personal shooting range, what to do if people complain about noise, and how to explain to the police if/when you hit a hidden gas line. What would you guys do if you had that setup? Thanks y’all.

Shotgun Her

What are your thoughts on the RIA VR80? Can you get an adjustable stock for it? #SSB #WLSISLIFE #GUNCULT


What is the savage hi point story

Michael C

Dear WLS, wanted to start off by saying “I love the show”! Thanks for taking the time each week to talk guns and entertain your listeners. My question is for all of the cast, including Savage. Even communists deserve to be heard just so we can tell them their wrong every once in a while. I’ve been looking at getting an AR pistol for a while now but can’t decide on what to get. My budget for the gun is $1,000. I’ve been looking at the Ruger AR-556. My question is: what AR pistol would you buy given my budget and would you stick with 556/223 or go with 300blk. I don’t have any 300blk guns and don’t have any experience with that round but, like AAron, I’ll try anything once. This will just be a fun gun so the round isn’t super important. Thanks for your time answering my question and for a great podcast. Tic tac toe WLS is life. Pound sign SSB.

Def Notchurmom

Hey guy, long time, first time, just had a quick question for whitey, I mean Aaron.

How often do you get mistaken for whitey from 4 guys guns, because I figure it’s got to be a lot.

I mean I can’t tell a difference.

Also keep up the good work Nick and only Nick.

You’re the only reason I listen in the first place.

#ssb #wlsislife

Nick L

I’m looking at getting a Swampfox Patriot 4-16×44 with the Sharpshooter mil reticle and the freedom rings. My questions would be: Do you think this optic is good for shooting up to 1000 or more yards? I’m longing to start long range shooting and this seems like the best scope for the price and reticle. My only problem with the scope would be that the crosshairs don’t intersect and just have a dot in the middle. My question/concern about the freedom rings is that they are too high. I have a 20 MOA rail and these rings are 1.6” so my thoughts are that I would need lower rings.

Do you know if Swampfox will be offering any lower rings or a crosshair like what I described coming?

Finally is there anyway to determine if your bolt will hit the eye piece of the scope before buying it? I have a Remington 700 sps varmint bull barrel in 308 if that helps.

Thanks guys and sorry for the long question

Julia B

Jeremy’s proposed change in the law of all premeditated felony’s with a gun result in an automatic death penalty wouldn’t this also include using our firearms to fight against a tyranny? Because we are committing an act of “treason” so I feel that this is the case; however, does that seem like the price that would need to be paid? Would we need to be in the mindset of Nathan hale, “ I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”?

Ryan J

I was wondering if there are any medical training videos or channels that provide any valuable instruction or information that you guys would recommend? I want to take a class but I’m a poor, not as bad as savage, and I need to save up. I recently saw an attempted murder and wasn’t sure how to properly use the medical tools I had at hand. I didn’t act like I feel I should have in my mind. Thanks. #wls #ssb #poundsign #getmedicaltraining #welikeshooting

Hound Dog

I have a conundrum I’m hoping you’all can assist me with. I run Hounds at night with a head lamp. Most commonly the head lamps mount to a ball cap or miner style hat. I’m trying to find a helmet I can wear to protect my head when I fall. I tried an airsoft helmet but could not find a comfortable way for it to stay on and it would get too hot, even though it was vented. I need a helmet that will stay on while looking up and keep my head cool. Preferably with a visor and/or facemask. Something I can put a very bright light, that will last a long time, on. Maybe even works with a coms unit. Do you have any suggestions that are affordable? Not looking for a full battle helmet, but a bike helmet version thereof.

Aiden S

While I agree that I hate the fear mongering that GOA and NRA does. You recently mentioned GOA does this as well. While I wouldnt give to NRA anymore but GOA if the fear mongering works and gets members and cash but they use the money wisely why does it matter how they get it? As long as they are using the money wisely why does that matter?

Is GOA using the money wisely and fighting for our rights?

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