WLS Double Tap 129 – Ear Assault

WLS Double Tap 129 – Ear Assault

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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 129, Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and Jermey

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Hound Dog

Hey guys, great show. I wanted to chime in with a suggestion for the headlamp question in episode 127. Check out hilltop view hound supply or any hound hunting supply store. Tri-tonics used to make some great headlamps. Haven’t used them since Garmin bought the company though. Brite eyes is also a great light. Personally I run a cheaper Korhee light with a belted battery pack. I get about 20 hours of use out of it mostly on the low setting. Hope this helps someone. #SSB #WLSISLIFE

Thomas S

Dear WLS, First-time long time. Hoping you guys can help me figure out what to get my daughter (10 years old) for Christmas. Last year I got her a Gamo single shot pellet gun. She loves it but it is time to move her up to a real firearm. I want to enroll her in the youth shooting club at the local range. For that, they require a 22 LR (and not a single shot). I’m torn as to what rifle to get her. I’m personally of the opinion that any 22 LR that is not semi-auto is just a waste (I find the short action just annoying). But I live in a repressed state so I have to be careful what features the rifle has. It is not worth my 10 years old getting a felony. Any suggestions on compliant semi-auto 22 LR for a child? Hopefully, one that she will continue to get value out of as she gets older. #SSB #WLSISLIFE

NYS FreedomFighter

I saw an ad or review a while back for a Bulletproof Backpack Insert for a kids backpack. It doubled as a whiteboard. My kid is starting school next year and I want to get them one. Do you know where I can find that product or have a specific one you recommend? #SSB #WLSISLIFE

Jono (like Bono from U2) (Fire Toad Forge) R

Thanks for reading my question last week! I feel famous now. I’ve binged your show every single day like a teen girl with body issues, since I learned about y’all. I’m up to September 29, 2018.

I try to edit my posts to you so that Jeremy doesn’t rage murder people for fucked up grammar.

I’m sorry if y’all (I’m West Virginian) have answered this, but my wife won’t let me hunt, but I’d like to get into long range shooting. One of my coworkers swears by 6.5 Creedmoor, but my LGS suggests .308 since I’m a rookie Long shooter, and realistically won’t delve super deep into it. I’m looking at the Savage Axis 2 with scope. It’s “cheap”, three oh eight is popular, so there will arguably be more stuff for it, etc. Any opinions?

Also, yes, that’s my forge y’all found on Instagram. I have some YouTube videos I’m trying to make as well. I’m gonna send y’all some very special, personalized items. I’m hoping I’ll have good weather this weekend, and I’m gonna try to make a video for y’all to watch. Thanks for being the best podcast, being awesome people, and also, my Dad just died, so I know how Jeremy feels, I have shitting problems, so I connect with Nick, I used to be in a shitty band, so, Shawn, my mother’s side is Jewish, and like Savage, I know what it’s like being on the Spectrum.

This was a long post, so please feel free to cut any of it down if y’all put it in the show. Thanks guys.

Kirk L

I was wasting time at a national outdoor sports chain and picked up one of their demo stocks with a variable 1-to-4x, illuminated reticle, on it. At 1x, with the illumination on, it sure looked a whole lot like a reasonable stand in for a red dot. Both eyes open, look at the target, put the cross hairs on. But turn the selector and dial up the magnification.

Kinda pricey though compared to a mid-range quality red dot but they seem to be gaining popularity.

What are the pros and cons of an illuminated variable scope when compared to a red dot?

Mark S

Jeremy in regards to ultrasonic cleaners, which cleaning solution do you recommend? When cleaning pistol slides, lowers, etc. do you disassemble them before cleaning or drop them in assembled? If assembled, do dry them off with an air compressor or other method?

Last question, a friend of mine has an older Winchester model 12 shotgun. The choke is integrated into the barrel and is full. He wants to know if he would be able to shoot slugs through the barrel and not damage the shotgun (or himself). I say no. He disagrees.

Happy belated 50th birthday Shawn!

Love the show keep up the okay work.


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Fear it is the mind killer, what fear do you have that to the rest of the cast would be considered stupid.


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Aaron has worked in advertising and marketing for more than 15 years for such companies as Ford, The Sports Authority, the NHL and many others. He has also worked as a security consultant with national security firms and General Motors Police Vehicle Division and has written several books. Aaron lives in the Metro Detroit area with his wife and three children.

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