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WLS Double Tap 007 – Shaken, not stirred

WLS Double Tap 007 – Shaken, not stirred

Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 7, Tonight we’ll roast some nuts, and someone gave granny a gun. We’ll answer your questions on Dear WLS, we’ll talk about NOT GUNS, and revisit past gear on gear chat revisited!

Our panel tonight, the machine gun moses Aaron Krieger, Assistant to the regional manager, Nick Lynch, bubba gunsmith – Savage1R, Jeremy Pozderac from River’s Edge Tactical and my name is Shawn Herrin

Welcome to Double Tap Everyone.  

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Sick burn

Dear WLS

Gear Chat Revisited

Not Guns

Florida Man




Bonus BURN

# Dear WLS

Chris G

What firearm are you guys most looking forward to that is coming out this year


Lenny W

Is there any chance that Lil will ever make a guest appearance on the show?


Andy M

Why the Hell do you guys play with guns during the show? Click , click, through out. Makes for bad Fuckin radio! We already know it’s a strong attempt of a gun show. Just kidding, well kinda… Keep up the good work!


Michael K

What qualifies an SBR as an SBR? Do muzzles and cans change this?


P.S. Jeremy likes to hug dudes.


Patreon Nick F

How did ava get the job? Seriously, and when will savage1r’s spot be available?


Bryan S

Right, so I’m really new to guns. Got into your podcast from a buddy of mine I work with. Would you all ever consider doing an episode where you have someone on who may not know alot about guns and let them fire away for 30 or so minutes asking questions? Also mp5 vs p90? Which is better? Objectively and subjectively.

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# Not Guns
THIS WEEKS TOPIC: If you had to pick a theme song for your life, what would it be?

# Gear Chat Revisited:

  • NickLynch –
  • Savage1r – Ebay carbon fiber handguard for .308
  • Jerambe-
  • Aaron – Streamlight TLR-2
  • Shawn –

Hard to make it as a poor man stealing


# Snap Caps, What do you know Pre-recorded segment where we ask random questions (also make Youtube Videos)

# ShenaniGUNs  (with youtube video)


Out of the 1000’s of responses we received for last weeks question Austin Hodges correctly answered the following question about the video Happy Easter from the gang at We Like Shooting! What is the target?  stuffed white rabbit (why you guys gotta be like that, Shawn was that your idea?) with a pre existing chest wound And What happens to it? gets blown up #moretannerite  bonus question and a chance to win a WLS Mug, How many rubber dummies were there on the range? 4

Okay lets try this people, our Trivia question of the week is from the video, “Walking Dead Headshots – Are they easy?” How many push ups and situps did Shawn do combined? And What is the results of all that exercise?.,For a bonus question and a chance to win a WLS Mug, what brand of gloves does Aaron have on his hands? Submit your answer via


Wrap up

You can do one or both, either way your contributions are greatly appreciated!


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Just a reminder to join a gun related advocacy group (ask the guest about their state) and we always give out the Suicide prevention line, that number is 1 (800) 273-8255

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Thanks for listening, and Watch where you’re pointing that thing.

About The Author

Shawn Herrin

As a certified NRA instructor, fervent shooter and IPSC competitor, safe, responsible, ethical and legal gun use are my passions. Whether handloading, practicing, studying or reviewing items, I am constantly focused on guns and shooting. Staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and very proud American.

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