WLS 469 Tight Fit


Gear Chat

  1. Shawn – AMG UH-1 IR filtering / PSAK-47 GF3 / Mine: Cheese Grater – plum – long range
  2. Savage1r – Swiss- made FMG-9
  3. Nick – Ruger LC Carbine

Gun Fights!


How important is a matched AR set?

Going Ballistic

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So much fucking stuff going on.

Jeremy  Reads

 Five Stars from 509notacommie:

Ill give you 5 stars all based on Shawn I have deep respect for Shawn’s approach to females in the industry I am raising 3 daughters an I am a happily married man. Shawn’s anti gun bunny stance has been noble in an industry that rewards Gun bunnies.

I will aslo say as a long time listener listening to episode 25 of unloaded …. I was a bit shocked to hear Shawn announce Aero as a partner when he damned them a few episodes back . The company called him and threatened to remove his dealer status for not ordering, Shawns response “fuck them cancel my account ill buy your stuff whosale instead of direct” ( i paraphrased a bit. fastforward a few weeks now they ” are good people, good product and good business. It raises questions on the “this dosent smell right note”. Wrting a 5 star review and raising a question like this will undoubtedly ensure i will not win the tshirt LOL. keep up the good work I am sure there is a reason for the flip flop with Aero but…. seems susssss.

5 Stars not squares from Patrick B:

Best podcast! This podcast brings comic relief to my day. Jeremy is my favorite! He is like a book of knowledge and is truely an inspiration. He is probabaly the most normal one on the podcast. He is a international lord of hate! And he will pimp slap yo ass with some gun knowledge then litterally beat the shit out of you. Shawn is pretty cool also. He is always upbeat and optimistic. He is like a kid getting to go to the candy store with new products. I like his honest opinion of reviews and his integrity on sponsors. Nick is cool but i forget hes there half the time becuse hes so quiet. Not sure if its because his internet sucks or if hes always pooping. Either way hes cool and always pretty chill. Everytime i hear A Arron talk i swear theirs 1980’s comblock russian national anthem music in the back ground. He seems like the type of guy that would trade his weeks cheese rations and first born for a highpoint.380. And Mr. Reddit. Always reading reddit(even though i still have no idea what reddit is) and always acts like hes surprised of the new edict from the grand masters supreme king prime minister hollier than thou of Washington state. Washington is a failed state. They pass a new commie law everyday. They literally hate America. We should sell Washington state to canada and buy Mexico. Move out of washington state unless you like taking it in the ass from big daddy government. In which case youll catch the monkey pox and probabably spread it to A Arron. Anyways love the podcast keep up the good work.

Five Stars from Mark J:

The best podcast there is, love when Nick Lunch comes back from a shit and drops more knowledge on the topic than he did waste in the toilet, and although Aaron Kegel sometimes says things that are flat out incorrect I still really like his stupid crude for crudity sake comments too, But I’m bi curious as to why the black lawyer fella who can’t take anything seriously isn’t on the podcast more he’s very enjoyable. I really like Salvage’s news segment where he’s incapable of summarizing and going to the cast for comment, despite him being a crypto cuck. The Down syndrome Shrek character Jeremy Posdicklick is the star of the show though and would shine On a short form rant show like you guys have done in the past. Finally I’d say what I like about the host Shane Harding but it’d probably trigger him to go off talking about himself for an hour so I’ll spare us all. Seriously though the podcast is fucking great I love you guys.