WLS 414 – It goes to 12



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Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 414 – tonight we’ll talk about Swampfox Optics, Medical Gear Outfitters, Blue Alpha, Bowers Group, Faxon Firearms, Franklin Armory and more!

Our Guest is Ryan Cleckner from Gun University


Cool Dude, MG Moses’s best friend


You can find more about Ryan Cleckner here


Our cast for episode 414 is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch!

Gear Chat

Where we talk about the stuff we have, the stuff that we want and the stuff that we need!


  1. Aaron – compass
  2. Shawn – T-Rex Arms open source sidecar spine system
  3. Savage1r – Gauss rifle in the 100 joule range
  4. Nick – Riflespeed Gas Controls


WLS Lifestyle

Where we talk about the gun lifestyle!


  • How many phone numbers do you know


Going Ballistic with Savage1r

Savage1r goes over the news of the day relating to guns, rights and more!


Supreme Court released its opinion in Caniglia v. Strom, which unanimously held that a lower court’s extension of Cady v. Dombrowski’s “community caretaking” exception into the home defied the logic and holding of Cady, as well as violated the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement.


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Jonathan R recommends We Like Shooting.

five starts.

It genuinely bothers me that people have heard of, and support the nra, but not heard of We Like Shooting. I meet so many people every day with nra stickers on their cars, or hats; but when WLS is brought up, they’ve never heard of them.  Come on America.  I understand the age and spread and money that the nra has, but seriously… WE LIKE SHOOTING does more good and far less evil. well… a little less.



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