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WLS 003 – Throw Ernie under the bus

WLS 003 – Throw Ernie under the bus

episode-tileTonight we’re going to talk about wearable hi def video cameras for training, camera mounts for your firearms, suppressors and barrels from suppressed armament, laserlyte sight removal tools, red ryders  and whatever else comes up.

Title: Throwing Ernie Under the Bus

Introduction –

Our panel tonight

  • Savage1r is a YouTuber who makes videos about shooting, philosophy, and do it yourself projects.
  • Lil Chantilly – Lil is an Active Duty Navy, and gun blogger, at
  • Aaron – Law enforcement marketing specialist, and media contact for WLS.
  • Jeremy – Marine, instructor, and owner of River’s Edge Tactical in Ohio
  • Nick – Nick slaves away making high dollar rifles and barrels all day and then goes home to get outshot by his fiancee.
  • Shawn – I’m Shawn, I’m an instructor, reviewer, competitor and my wife just thinks I am playing cowboys and Indians.

Drinking game – LIST of WORDS TO NEVER SAY.

  • Shawn – interesting, Actually, absolutely, fantastic.  I have a thesaurus tonight, so I’ll be using words from that throughout

  • Aaron – Piece, clip

  • Anybody – WEAPON

  • Nick – poop

We have some really great news.  WeLikeShooting’s Guns, gear and gadgets podcast is now part of the Firearms Radio Network.  I listen to shows from FRN on a daily basis.  To be a part of what they are building is truly an honor for me and I know we are all really excited. Even Jeremy who rarely gets excited unless it has to do with Diet Dr. Pepper being on sale.

One more thing, we actually got our first bit of user feedback.  Thanks to Daniel S. for the shoutout

Gear Chat

This segment we talk about stuff that we have, want and need!

  • Shawn: Pivothead wearable imaging / $299 / 1080p hi def. / polycarbonate lenses
  • Aaron: GoTac, today I am going to talk about gotac $20.00
  • Lil: I am going to talk about in general and his suppressors, and barrels.
  • Jeremy: laserlyte sight removal tool
  • Savage: red Ryder BB gun
  • Nick: CMC 3.5lb AR Trigger

Going ballistic

This segment is for us to vent about local and sometimes national gun control.   Vent away.

Industry News

  • Savage – caracal recall

Whose gun?

If fictional characters were to use modern publically available firearms, what would they use?

This week – Lord of the Rings

Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Samwise, Frodo, Gandalf


  • Aragorn FNH Scar
  • Gimli (Czech made) CZW 40 Handheld grenade launcher
  • Legolas M24E1 (remington) Sniper rifle
  • Samwise Stoeger Coach Gun
  • Frodo The Lady Derringer
  • Gandalf Kimber 1911
  • Sauron – Brass Knuckles


  • Aragorn – SCAR
  • Gimli – Mossberg 500 Chainsaw
  • Legolas – Ruger 10/22
  • Samwise – Hi-Point
  • Frodo – Airsoft
  • Gandalf – Mosin Nagant


  • Sauron – looks like he could handle the GAU-8
  • Gimli – I’m going with Charles Daly ‘Hammer’ 10 gauge
  • Legolas – come on guys, he’s a long range shooter. Noreen Bad News 338 lapua AR
  • Aragorn – Needs more king .458 SOCOM
  • Sam – makarov
  • Frodo – colt 1908 vest pocket .25 acp

Wall of 2nd amendment shame.

Each week we will add 1 name to the wall of shame for those that lobby against the 2nd amendment or it’s supporters.

Piers Morgan.  Vehemently attacks gun rights and gun owners in the US and guess what.  Not a citizen.

Wrap up

Gun related website of the week


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Email us questions, comments, or anything else at

Thanks for listening and shoot straight.


About The Author

Shawn Herrin

As a certified NRA instructor, fervent shooter and IPSC competitor, safe, responsible, ethical and legal gun use are my passions. Whether handloading, practicing, studying or reviewing items, I am constantly focused on guns and shooting. Staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and very proud American.

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