Remington Model 788

The Remington Model 788 is not the Cadillac of rifles, more like a Chevy truck. While you will not find too many bells and whistles on this gun, you will find a gun that is tough, durable, and gets the job done.

I have always like the Model 788 (.22-250), and with my scope on, I can hit almost anything 100-plus yards away.

The Model 788 is a utilitarian gun, meaning it’s not pretty or sexy, but it’s great to hunt with.

Remington created this inexpensive hunting rifle to be accurate and cheap. It also utilizes a single-column detachable magazine that can hold up to three rounds. One of the real cool features of this gun is in its design: The bolt lifts a lot less (60 degrees) than other models, allowing your scope to stay safe and unmarred.

PRO TIP: If you see one and can afford it, buy it.

There are a couple of things to watch out for if you are interested in buying one of these guns. First off, they don’t make them anymore, so if you need to replace something, it can get expensive. And there are few magazines left out there, so stock up if you can.┬áSecond, the safeties on these models had a habit of slipping (oops?!).

Another nice feature of this rifle is its very short bolt action and lock time. Zip, click, boom. (Mine does not actually make that noise, but you get the idea.)

PRO TIP: Bolt compression usually leads to excessive headspace. Not a rifle for maxed-out hand-loads.

You may find the trigger can be a little heavy, and unfortunately, this isn’t adjustable. But on a positive note, it gives you more time to not breathe.


  • Short action, very fast lock time
  • Accurate
  • Well-thought-out design


  • Expensive to fix
  • Getting more expensive to buy

If it is a cost issue for you, and you have the money to buy a new rifle do it. If you have one of these laying around, love it. My recommendation however would be not to go out and buy one, if you do, you will be pleased, but remember, it is a truck not a sports car.