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Radom Arms – SHOT Show 2015 Media Day

Radom Arms – SHOT Show 2015 Media Day

So we walked by these Polish guys and they looked so nice that we stopped by to say hello. Imagine our surprise when they had guns for us to shoot! I’m not 100% sure what the company is called, but I think we’ve settled on Radom Arms. I spoke with Krzysztof of Fabryka Broni and he let me shoot the PM-98 (semi-auto) which is a 9mm that is very uzi like and fun to shoot. I also shot their 22LR AK which was surprisingly fun. As of now, neither is available in the US but they will begin to import them in 2015. Check out the video!


  • Caliber: 9 mm x 19 PARA
  • Velocity of the projectile: V 0 = 360 m / s
  • Muzzle energy of the bullet: E 0 = 518 J
  • Type of fire: single, serial
  • Rate of fire: 640 rds. / min.
  • Effective range: 150 m
  • Capacity magazines: short – 15 rounds, long – 25 rounds
  • Principle: free bolt recoil
  • Type of locking: inertia lock
  • Trigger assembly mechanism: the internal stopcock
  • Fuse adjustable¬† cock block, lock and trigger
  • Targeting devices: set for 75 m, dating szczerbinowo-sighted with adjustable horizontal bow tie with adjustable vertically.

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