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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 208, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, Aaron Krieger, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

ZAP Hike N Strike 950,000 Volt stun Gun Walking Stick



Zach W 

Your bit By a radioactive spider, the only super power you get is you can now shoot web, but you can only shoot web out your dick or your butt, which do you choose? 


John W

Hey guys, I have a few questions about certain calibers and barrel life.

I’m thinking about getting a cheap bolt action, something like an Axis, american, etc for popping coyotes around. Jeremy had perviously mentioned his .22-250 and spoke about barrel life. I’m leaning towards a .25-06 for varmint control, but I might still take it out to the range every now and then because the cartridge is very interesting. What influences barrel life? Is it mostly velocity and barrel friction? Jeremy mentioned the rockchucker has about a 500 round barrel life.

My other question is are there any bullet diameters that you wish were more utilized in the industry? As in the first question, I really like .257 and .338 caliber cartridges, but it seems they aren’t nearly as supported as things like .243, .308, etc. I wish that things like the .25-45 sharps, and .338 federal were more mainstream in their respective platforms, however as much as I like them, I’m not necessarily willing to pay 4x as much per round for minimal differences. The .25-06 is the exception as I can still usually find it fairly close to .30-06.

Thanks and love the show



Zac C

Can you guys battle rap each other? 


James S

Hey guys I was wondering what your opinion on lone wolf precision is as a barrel manufacturer. Also Shawn how is your home made quads night vision setup going?


Adam  M

In Double Tap 206 someone complained about the Kel-Tec PMR-30 reliability and the company telling them it is user error.

There are 3 main issues when it comes to CMR/PMR reliability, all are user related.

  1. Maintenance, these guns love to run clean and wet. .22 magnum is dirty, clean your damn gun.
  2. Ammunition choice, always run 40gr or higher, the Federal 50gr runs beautifully and comes in bulk packs.
  3. Improper magazine loading, go buy the American Speedloader nesting style loader, you’ll never have dented cases or rimlock again. Load mags to 25, not 30, there’s excessive tension on the top 3 rounds if you load 30, plus it evenly splits a 50rnd box into 2 mags.

You’re welcome.

Also, Shawn, please do some med classes in Phoenix.

Also, five squares.



If you could only own one brand of firearms, all the guns you own have to be the same brand, what brand would it be?


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# Not Guns
Most embarrassing thing?   




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