WLS Double Tap 004 – Bad Memories

Our panel tonight, Jeremy Pozderac of River’s Edge Tactical, the machine gun moses Aaron Krieger, Assistant to the regional manager, Nick Lynch, and my name is Shawn Herrin

Welcome to Double Tap Everyone.  

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# Dear WLS

Keith M

Dear P. O. Z. Derek, you brilliant, il-tempered bastard,

Please tell us about shotgun chokes.

What do the names mean?

How do they work for different types of shot?

If you have a barrel without removable chokes, are there any restriction on threading it to receive removable chokes?

How about slugs, sabots, and un-rifled barrels?

Can you shoot a slug out of an un-rifled barrel? Obviously it won’t have stabilizing spin, but will it damage the barrel? are there special slugs that are meant for un-rifled barrels?

How about slugs and chokes? Do they get along?

and finally….16ga….what’s it good for?


Nate P

Shawn, what is your workout routine? And how much weight did you have to lose for your girlfriend (Nick) to move in with you?


Michael H

What is the firearm that you currently own the gives you buyer remorse?

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  1. Custom

Nighthawk is often called Nighthawk but the company name is actually Nighthawk Custom. They make each gun in a series of customizable options from rails (recon) to calibers (9mm, .45, .40, 10mm), checkering and more. This is not a mass production facility. Guns are built to order with the options you want, not what the mass market wants.

Url for mention on podcast and linking banner: http://www.nighthawkcustom.com/giveaway/

Nighthawk Predator 2 Retail $3795.00

# Not Guns
THIS WEEKS TOPIC: Most embarrassing childhood story?


Joe D: Kerosene, yes, the stuff you burn.

The story:

Unfortunately, or, fortunately, I don’t know which, I don’t remember this incident that happened when I was a toddler in 80 or 81.  I lived with my grandparents and they would keep a tin can of kerosene near the fireplace to make it easy to get a fire started.  I drank it.  When they realized what I had done, my grandmother immediately stuck her finger down my throat and made me vomit it up, which, apparently, was exactly the wrong thing to do, but, I lived.

# Gear Chat Revisited:

  • NickLynch – Manticore/Solarforce lights
  • Savage1r – Guntec….? Hanguards.
  • Jerambe-
  • Aaron – Tactical RX glasses.
  • Shawn –
  • Ava –

Man tosses gator through drive through window.


# Snap Caps, What do you know Pre-recorded segment where we ask random questions (also make Youtube Videos)

# ShenaniGUNs  (with youtube video)

Out of the 1000’s of responses we received for last weeks question Our winner correctly answered the following question  In the video ARMA 100 non-lethal Beanbag gun, who’s name is on the back of Aaron’s Jersey, It was 13 Datsyuk how does the ARMA 100 break Used as a club to hit the Dummy and what happens to Shawn at the very end of the video He gets hit in the face by the recoil Congrats to Anthony Catalano

Okay lets try this people, our Trivia question of the week is from the video Shooting a windshield – what will happen? This question is going to be a two parter. What is the catch phrase Aaron and Shawn finally decided on, and what happens when they bump hands?, Get this question correct and you could win a free We Like Shooting T-shirt., submit your answer via Welikeshooting.com/trivia

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