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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 365! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder



The F1sh William Frederick Dempsy George Rufus Sutherland: Dear WLS,

It’s been year now that I have championed the cause of fucking firing Aawrong. Me along with many other long time listeners and at least half of the cast and most guests will not stand for this dry ear raping by a needledick, footless, bootlicking Joo with the driving chops of a blind asian.

What is it going to take to finally elevate the show to the next level by losing 275lbs of bad grey bearded menace to the gun industry. With the many different locations and skills the HeMan Aawrong Haters Club has I’m sure we can make the “resignation” slow and painful, just like when he tries to make a point on the show.

You owe us.


The F1sh


Fuck Savage, The pocket pussy version of the SSB in the end times.


Nicholas Hur: In an attempt to not ask another suppressor selection question I want I ask about medical carry. Now that summer is upon much of the country our clothing is getting lighter than Savages Loafers. How does the crew carry medical in summer/warmer weather? On body v. Off body? Most minimal requirements? I often carry a seat-t and a compressed gauze along with knowledge. I keep TQs in the truck and range gear along with more extensive equip. Love the show. Shoot straight and stop bleeds Jeremy-style.


Richard Nyurmouf: Interesting in your experience with BDC prism reticles such as PA SLX 1x ACSS Cyclops or SwampFox Raider BRC on a tactical shotgun. Which reticle is best in real application ie buckshot with donut of death, slugs with bdc hold overs. PA lists estimated slug holds for their reticle but Swampfox doesn’t seem to list this. Hoping to hear back from Swampfox regarding reticle measurements (dot spacing). Any experience with this use on a shotgun or is the cast’s experience just more along the generic lines of suck starting? Thanks


Jason S: when it comes to battle belts is it better to have it attach to the inner belt or or not assuming you wear a normal or ccw belt almost every day? I love the show keep it up.


Dependable Don: In your opinion what politicians are the most hate fuckable? Thank you for your time.


Page D: Over the few years, your range reviews on weapons were excelent, some of the few that I actually watched, and, learned from. Dont know if there are any legalities involved but would love to see those present again. . . (side note, from Canon City, the range that you presented from looks familiar, Springs area. . ) Again, if legal reasons prevent, that is acceptable, but if nothing else, please start the reviews again. . . .


Froderick: You have often said that while shooting pistols suppressed to hold the slide closed with your thumb to reduce the sound from port pop, but wouldn’t the force of the slide cycling break your thumb? I could see a .22lr pistol not being a problem but a 9mm or .45 aarp have a lot more energy right?


Tyler S: I’m wanting to get in to long range precision shooting. I have been looking at some barreled actions from howa chambered in 6.5 creedmore and Some chassis By MDT From brownells. I’m looking to spend around $1200 to $1400 on the rifle, not including glass. Any recommendations on other options both barreled actions or complete rifles to look at? Also any recommendations on optics? Looking to spend around $700 or so, but open to bumping that up if needed. Thanks ya turds.

P.s suppressor?


Winner: Nicholas Hur


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   1,279 for the model with the silver finish and black synthetic stock with textured grip panels while the traditional walnut rifle with a black finish comes in at $1,399

Wrap up 


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