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All the Single Ladies

All the Single Ladies


Hey There Shooters!

All the single ladies.

Dear Single moms, I get it, you are in my area, you need love too, but I already have a mom. Sure if times were different, and I was an orphan, or maybe still in college, and maybe yeah, maybe then, when I needed a hot dinner or my laundry done, yeah totally, or heck maybe even when I found out my mom forgot my birthday that one year, I could have fallen for you as maybe a rebound mom, but no. No I will not seek you out. I mean Kids, baggage, come on, maybe you should spend more time listening to the show, and less time trying to be my mom. I know I am a catch, but I assume you found me through our show, and you don’t really care that I am an over 40 fat, balding, gassy person because I can drop zeros into the 10 ring. If you really want to mother something, get yourself to the range, and give birth to an awesome group on or shootout challenge. You can download the target or buy it, your choice. You can show all the moms your awesome group by wearing the WLS Shootout patch, but only after you shoot it. Check it out here.


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WLS Double Tap 211 – Dinosaur with 1000 teeth

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Shawn’s Corner


When picking up women, my sure fire line that never fails is this one, “Hope you like cheesy  pickup lines, because if you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple” And boom that is how I ended up with 102 kids….

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