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RI Democrats attack 2nd amendment

RI Democrats attack 2nd amendment

A pebble in the water can ripple across a lake.

Supporters of the Second Amendment, what happens to one state can reverberate to others, there are some anti and pro-firearm bills currently being heard at the RI State House on March 22, 2016.

To all my fellow RIers; the rotunda has been reserved by the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition @ 3PM to gather, show support and listen to speakers, with the hearings to commence at approx. 4:30PM. Why should anyone else in the country care? Because the negatives to be heard are similar to many other anti-firearm bills that the politicians introduce, and they can happen to you! Look at states like New York, New Jersey, Colorado, and Connecticut. Speaking of Connecticut, no offense to my neighbors to the west, but you need to change your slogan on your license plates from “The Constitution State” to “The Screw Your Rights State” or even “The Unconstitutional State”. You have fallen. We pray not to follow suit.

RI is where the American Revolution started (not in Massachusetts), and I ask that all RIers, if not all members of our second amendment community stand up with me and have your voices heard….  we can not be stripped of our rights, for they shall not be infringed!

Here are the summaries of each bill to be heard. To see the full versions of these bills, please click the bill numbers.

Here’s the Anti side:
  • H7243; (removes 11-47-11 that states a permit holder may carry a pistol or revolver everywhere in the state) This  act  would provide  that  only  peace  officers  and  persons  approved  by  the  school authorities  for  the  purposes  of  educational  instruction  may  carry  firearms or other weapons on school grounds. This act would take effect on passage.
  • H7283; This act would prohibit any person convicted of a misdemeanor offense under §12-29-21 (a crime involving domestic violence) from purchasing, owning, transporting, carrying, or possessing any firearm. Offenses punishable as petty misdemeanors would be excluded from this prohibition. Further, it would provide that those people who have had their convictions expunged, set aside, or who have had their civil rights restored would not be considered a prohibited person under this chapter. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7575; (a lot of edits in the bill) This act would require the surrender of firearms to law enforcement agencies after conviction of certain domestic violence offenses. This act would be known as “The Protect Rhode Island Families Act”. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7199; (many definition additions in bill) This act would criminalize the manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale or transfer of any ammunition feeding device capable of accepting more than ten (10) rounds. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7535; (many edits in the bill) This act would criminalize the mere possession of a firearm by a minor, but would provide for limited exceptions while the minor is in the presence of a qualified adult or participating in certain competitive or ceremonial events. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7799; (removes language such as; if there is no name of maker, model, or manufacturer’s number) This act would include orange or otherwise brightly colored plugs or tips inserted into the barrel of any firearm into the definition of “mark of identification” for those persons who change, alter, remove, or obliterate any mark of identification on a firearm. This act would take effect upon passage. ***Keep in mind that the state of RI definition for firearm is: “Firearm” includes any machine gun, pistol, rifle, air rifle, air pistol, “blank gun,” “BB gun,” or other instrument from which steel or metal projectiles are propelled, or which may readily be converted to expel a projectile, except crossbows, recurve, compound, or longbows, and except instruments propelling projectiles which are designed or normally used for a primary purpose other than as a weapon. The frame or receiver of the weapon shall be construed as a firearm under the provisions of this section.***
  • H7850; (adds rifle and shotgun to the prohibited carry list that already includes pistol and revolver, except for on owner’s; place of business, home, or owned land)  This act would make it unlawful to carry a rifle or shotgun in a vehicle or on one’s person, visible or concealed, except at one’s residence, place of business or land, and would further create penalties for the unlawful conveyance of a firearm to a person under the age of eighteen (18) that is used in a violent crime of violence. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7853; (Many changes) This act would provide that no person, entity, or dealer shall sell, loan, transfer or acquire a firearm from any person, entity or dealer with the intent to avoid the application/disclosure process required by §§11-47-35 or 11-47-35.2. The act of loaning or transferring a gun to a person who may lawfully possess a gun for lawful purposes such as hunting or target shooting would be exempt from this prohibition. This act would take effect upon passage. ***Affects private sales and gun shows (though we don’t have them), mandatory background checks for all ***


Here’s the Pro side:
  • H7390; (many edits, changes “if it appears that the applicant has good reason to fear an injury to his or her person or property or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol or revolver” too: “if the applicant has a lawful reason to carry a pistol or revolver”) This act would require timely review of any application for a permit to carry a concealed weapon and would allow judicial review of adverse administrative decisions regarding such applications. It would also codify applications to the attorney general. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7332; This act would delete unnecessary language with regard to the destruction of application records for the purchase of a rifle or shotgun, if an applicant is not otherwise disqualified under any other applicable provision of the general laws. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7093; This act would provide for automatic renewal of a gun permit or license. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7541; This act would allow individuals with concealed carry permits issued by Massachusetts, Connecticut, and any other state with a live fire requirement to carry concealed firearms within this state. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7680; “RELATING TO STATE AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT – SECOND AMENDMENT PRESERVATION ACT” This act would prohibit the use of state funds, personnel or property in the enforcement of federal firearms laws or regulations. This act would take effect upon passage.
  • H7244; This act would direct the attorney general to report annually to the general assembly on the incidence and disposition of crimes involving guns. This act would take effect upon passage. ***Helps disprove the so-called “stats of gun control”***


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Rhody is a career Fire Fighter and machinist, as well as a former mechanic. Being a firearms enthusiast with a background in reloading and as an armorer; he enjoys working on projects, product testing, and helping others with firearm related topics.

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