Cult Pledge: Prophet ($8 per show / Shirt)

$32.00 / 4 weeks




This is our patreon replacement. If you take the pledge and join the cult you will be charged once per month. If you pledge $1 per show, you would get charged $4, once a month, etc. The charge is recurring and you can cancel any time. Rewards are fulfilled one time. Be sure to check your email for your rewards after you sign up!

Congratulations Prophet, you have taken the first step to join the family. Your realized benefits are immeasurable.

You will get:

1 free Gun Cult Prophet shirt. (Immediate fulfillment) NO WAITING

– Access to the unedited show
– Access to Jeremy’s Pozcast
– Access to the Patreon Only Facebook Group

FREE-Option to purchase the Prophet shirt from our store.

-Option to purchase the Cult Challenge coin.

Please don’t sign up, get the swag and cancel. The cult will deal with treachery in its own way.

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