WLS Shootout Challenge!

We brought it back with a vengeance!

Buy or download the targets, shoot the targets and post the results!

Shootout Challenge - What is it?

We brought it back! Except this time it’s with a twist.

The shootout challenge is a fun way to test your skills and share them with the world.

Simply – Buy a patch or sticker, shoot it once, then use it! Slap it on a jacket or a gun case. Advertise your skill!

Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to buy the targets, there are targets that are downloadable to shoot. Just download, print and shoot.

Once you are done, post pictures and use the hashtag #wlsshootout and submit it here!

It's easy to get started!



Get the targets

First you need to get a target. We want you to order them and then shoot them! If you ain’t ’bout that life, just download them. Gosh, you don’t like to have fun, do you?

  • Order the patches and stickers OR download a paper target.


purchase targets


download targets button




Shoot them!

Put your money where your mouth is

Take them to the range and shoot them. There are no rules. Shoot from any distance. Just make it count.

Yes, we are suggesting you buy them and then shoot them. Then use them! Shoot the patch once, then wear it!



Post them!

Post a picture on social media with the hashtag #wlsshootout and submit it on the site. Let the world know how awesome / terrible you are. Either one is fine.


Purchase your targets!

Submit your target!

WLS Shootout
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